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What is Digital Sublimation and What Makes it Important?

What is Digital Sublimation and What Makes it Important?

Ostanding uses digital sublimation as its form of printing in order to provide you with quality shades, but it can be difficult to know that for a fact without first knowing what digital sublimation is and what makes it more accurate and a better fit for your shades as opposed to other forms of printing, such as the more traditional roller dye sublimation method. To put it simply, digital sublimation is a lot newer, but with the use of technology, it makes the printing process a lot easier, and it gives people a wider variety of designs and colors to work with while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy at a minimal cost.

Digital Sublimation vs. Roller Dye Sublimation

The way that digital sublimation works is through printing an image onto fabric based on different dispersed dyes, which can be sublimated anywhere from less than 150 to 230. Then, depending on the image, dispersed dyes are printed to a special type of paper that transfers the image onto the fabric using a specific amount of temperature, pressure, and time. The reason that companies make sure of digital sublimation machines is that they are high in speed, but low in cost. These machines produce vivid, sharp, and accurate images for your shades. 

There is a more traditional method of sublimation that printing companies use known as roller dye sublimation. This method uses heat to transfer different dyes on fabric. These printers are essentially very large inkjet printers and the quality of the pictures can be very high in detail. Despite the images that are reproduced by roller dye sublimation looking good, and being almost photograph like in quality, there are imperfections that can be found. Discoloration, white streaks on creases and even blurriness can be found on these pieces, which dwindles the overall quality over the material.

Why Ostanding Uses Digital Printing Sublimation

Both the roller dye and digital printing technique have their own advantages, and it is difficult to say that one is better than the other. For example, the roller dye sublimation process can be cheaper when compared to the other method, but overall the cost is actually going to be higher. Technically the cost of digital printing is not only lower, but it is also more accurate. Digital printing is incredibly efficient and it gives you the ability to create highly complex graphics in a large amount of detail that roller dye printing simply cannot keep up with. Digital printing allows for over 16,700,000 different colors for you to use from and it gives you a wider range of variety. This is combined with the high level output that you get for your shades, which will be a huge factor when you are exposing such a product to your potential clients and customers.

The quality of the pictures is not the only benefit though. Time is important for any company, and getting your shades as quickly as possible is important. The printing time of a digital printer is far shorter than roller dye sublimation. A design image could take several days just for a sample, and the finished product alone would then take much longer. It could be several days or even a week or so before you could finally get the product that you ordered, and that doesn’t include the shipping and delivery time for it.

Digital sublimation on the other hand takes a great deal less time. In fact, you can send in your design for digital sublimation and it can be completed in an hour or two. This isn’t just a sample though, but the entire process will be done, which includes the finished product. This allows the shades to be shipped to you immediately, and in most occasions the same day. With the fast process of digital printing, you get a quick turnaround and can see the quality of the shade sooner rather than later.

Full Creative Control with Digital Sublimation

The most important aspect of digital sublimation is that you have complete creative control of the situation. Your design choices aren’t limited and you can be as ambitious as you want for your designs. If you have incredibly colorful designs that are bright ad uses a large mixture of shapes and hues in order to stand out then a digital sublimation printer would work great for you, and it won’t be hampered by some of the limitations that you will find in the more traditional versions. As mentioned before, these digital printers can use over 16,000,000 colors.

Another way that digital sublimation gives you creative control and why Ostanding uses it is because it gives you the ability to submit your designs digitally. You don’t have to create a mesh screen with a digital sublimation printer, which is something that has to be done for roller dye sublimation. This saves you time, but it also makes the process entirely digital. Through Ostanding you can choose from a selection of images or you can choose to simply upload your own images from the computer. This makes the process easier and Ostanding can create your shades immediately once you finish picking your design. You can do everything from your mobile phone or computer and Ostanding will get it. The image will look the same way you expected it to look when you submitted it.

The completely digital aspect of these printers helps reduce on everything. One of the key reasons why digital sublimation is in fact cheaper than the traditional method is that because everything is digital, the cost of labor and materials is cut down significantly. That isn’t the only thing that these digital printers have that makes them a better pick for companies. These printers also cut down on pollution, and use a lot less water while making a lot less noise than their more traditional counterparts.

The Key Aspects of Digital Printing Sublimation

Although there are benefits that come with the traditional method of printing using roller dye, the digital printing sublimation method has quickly become a favorite. The overall cost of digital printing is much cheaper due to the reduced number of materials and the reduced amount of labor that goes into creating your shades. A lot of time is also removed from the process, and something that could take days is narrowed down to a few hours at the most. 

This printers allow for a much wider array of designs and gives you the ability to create complete designs with little to no hassle, and most importantly you are able to instantly submit your design digitally it and have it returned to you in incredible photographic like detail. 

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