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Digital Sublimation Encourages Vividness and Durability In Printing

Digital Sublimation Encourages Vividness and Durability In Printing

Printing used to be a tiresome and somewhat messy process until it was conducted via Inkjet printing technology. But this aspect met a revolution with the advent of digital sublimation, which has made transferring images on textiles an effortless process with impressive outcomes. Today businesses cannot thrive in the utterly volatile and challenging marketplace without incorporating the latest and the mightiest of technological expertise. Therefore, we at Ostanding only believe in utilizing this new-age technique of printing known as Digital Sublimation. Our latest range of roman shades are all custom-made and created through digital sublimation only, which ensures clearer, sharper and brighter prints. 

 What is Digital Sublimation?

For printing fabrics/textiles there are two available techniques: Direct Inkjet and Digital Sublimation. Digital Sublimation is currently the most preferred and recognized style of printing because it makes the  job easier and faster along with providing brilliant results. Unlike inkjet printing it does not require a program for processing images and all that is required is a digital camera or a scanner to capture images. The printing is done through inserting sublimation ink into a sublimation press machine.

Images are printed on fabrics through dispersed dyes that naturally have the characteristic of sublimating at lower than 150-230 degrees. When a captured image is selected or designed for printing, these dispersed dyes are transferred on an especial transfer paper and this paper is placed parallel to the fabric. The printing is entirely dependent upon the perfectness and appropriateness of pressure, temperature and timing allocated to the transfer paper for conducting the job. When the proportions are perfect, what you get is an immaculately printed design on the fabric.

Why Digital Sublimation is better than Inkjet?

The future of technology is in digital printing and not in customary ways. We at Ostanding believe that improvisation is the key to success and digital sublimation symbolizes improvisation. Digital sublimation is a better option than inkjet simply because it makes the printing job fast-paced since an image can be easily customized with a wide array of color options and printed on a fabric within two hours only. So, it shortens the task but amplifies the quality of the products.

Enhance your surroundings with Exclusive Digital Sublimated Roman Shades from Ostanding

Ostanding is known for its excellent craftsmanship, exclusivity of shades and creative liberties. At Ostanding what you can expect is an extremely affordable solution for your indoor décor. Our make-to-order Roman shades are available in  literally a limitless range of colors and designs. You can also provide us an image or logo and we will get it printed on the finest material and within the shortest duration. Our service is customer-friendly and dedicated whereas our roman shades are available for both residential and commercial purposes. You can improve your businesses through employing the intelligent marketing strategy of getting Ostanding roman shades containing your slogan/logo digitally printed or you can glorify your home with our exquisite patterns. Roman shades are certainly in vogue because these tend to be more reliable, commercially viable and easily scalable due to which you can install them at almost any area be it large sized or small.



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