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Analyzing the Use of Digital Printing Sublimation Method

Analyzing the Use of Digital Printing Sublimation Method

There are different types of techniques that one can use for the sake of etching digital designs on to the fabrics and other equipments. Two of the most common techniques have to be digital printing sublimation and roller dye sublimation.

Both these techniques are handy and efficient and yet it is digital printing sublimation that seems to have an upper hand. What makes it one of the top choices? Let us check it out here.

What is digital printing sublimation?

Basically, the process involves creating digital images. You can upload the images from a camera or scanner, work on them and make some of the most exciting layouts. Once you have the final image with you, you can then use the sublimation ink in your printer to map the same on to the textile with a flawless precision.

Roller dye sublimation, on the other hand, is a more traditional process where a lot of different colored dyes are stacked one near the other. The print head that is present inside gets heated up and the color is passed on to the fabric giving way to the design.

Both the methods have their own set of merits and demerits and here is a discussion of the same to see which form looks to be a better choice

The cost factor

Roller dye sublimation process turns out to be expensive when you compare it with the digital printer sublimation method because a large quantity of dye is required at the same time, if you have custom designs, the roller dye may turn out to be totally ineffective. Digital printing sublimation isn’t hugely expensive, and the kind of output that you will get is going to be phenomenal.

Quick delivery

When you are looking to get a really quick delivery as you want to have the printed fabric at the earliest, it is much better to choose sublimation printing process. The entire method of printing the design and getting it on the fabric is quick and you can even use the fabric at the earliest too. The roller dye method on the other hand is going to take a lot of time and so when speed is an issue, you can enjoy the perks of choosing digital priting sublimation method.

Flawless design

Even when it comes to the efficiency of designing, it is digital printing sublimation that looks to be a better choice. You can customize the design and style of the drawing and choose the type of graphics that you want to develop. When you are looking to enjoy some of the best design, using digital printing sublimation method can turn out to be hugely useful. Digital printing sublimations give you some of best color and the details are vivid and finely etched.

There is no doubt about the fact that digital printing sublimation method is one of the top choices and we are known to be proficient at the task. We are thoroughly skilled at our work and we have been offering some of the finest output that can make the right set of difference.

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