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Using Window Shades as Accent Pieces in a Room

Using Window Shades as Accent Pieces in a Room

One thing that we all know about proper interior decorating is that we need to have a main color, and accent pieces to offset that main color. If you have a primarily black and white room, then using bright yellow throw pillows, and bright yellow window shades would create accent in the room and make it feel more vibrant and alive.

Accenting the rest of the room can be done using the bright colors that contrast the other colors in the room, and it can be done by using fabrics that complements the other colors, or match the other colors in the room. If you have a primarily black and white room that has white paint on the walls you could use black window shades as a stark contrast that helps all of the other black and white objects tie together.

Window shades made by are custom designed shades so you can have any pattern, color, or image that you desire printed on your fabric. You can have bold chevron prints created using the colors you are decorating the room in, or you could use patterns like squares, circles, or triangles to create unique images for the surface of your shades.

Window shades are placed in some rooms and never given a second thought. The owners of rooms like these spend a lot of time, and money, attempting to buy window treatments to go over the shades that will blend into the d├ęcor of the room, or that will accent the over-all feel of the room. These individuals could save time, and money, by visiting and having custom designed shades created to use in their decorating efforts. With the specially fabricated designs on the material of the shade, you will get the benefit of not needing to buy any other window treatments to make the room look complete.

The window shades in a room are a lot like the trim boards around the ceiling and running along the base of the wall. You can live in the room without having these trim boards in place. The trim serves as a way to block spiders, and other bugs from gaining access to the room, like the shades block the sunlight from gaining access to a room. The trim boards make the room look prettier, and more complete, and the window shades make a window look prettier and more complete. An uncovered window begs to have something done to it, and people focus on the undressed window in a room rather than focusing on the other aspects of the room.

The window shade can draw your attention to other areas of the room when you use the right colors, styles, and sides of shades. If you have one chair in the room that is bright red, and you hang window shades with a bright red pattern on them, the eye of the person entering the room will travel from the red chair to the red shade, and vice versa. This creates a harmony of colors in the room that leave the room looking more finished, or polished.

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