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Roman and Roller Shades now sold at Ostanding

Roman and Roller Shades now sold at Ostanding

Ostanding, an online company dealing with custom shades started selling Roman shades and roller shades on Feb 15 2014. These are shades with designs that are custom made to the desires of the customer. One selects the design to be on the shades from Ostanding website or uploads their own designs. The designs are then printed on the shades using digital printing technology, which produces high resolution designs that are clear and sharp.

The make to order service provided by Ostanding for the shades enables them to be made to customer’s specifications. This is in relation to size of the shade and the design to be printed on them. The customer only needs to go to the site, specifies the requirements for the shades in terms of measurements for the window and the design. The designs are then printed on the shades based on these specifications.

Roman shades and roller shades are made of any size and using all types of designs. The customer goes to the Ostanding website, selects a design or uploads a design that is to be on the shades. There is no limitation on the type of design that can be printed on the shades. This personalizes the shades to ones own tastes and desires. This aspect has changed the way Roman shades and roller shades have been used traditionally.

Due to the use of digital printing sublimation, the designs on the Roman and roller shades are of highest quality and standards. They are clear, sharp and do not wash off. This makes the shades durable and long-lasting since they can be used for a long time without the design changing color or fading off.

Roman and roller shades from Ostanding have revolutionalised the way shades are used. They have made personalization of houses and commercial premises easy by the use of personally selected designs on the shades. By selling the shades, Ostanding has brought the freedom of personalizing ones surroundings with the designs that they like. 

Buying the Roman and roller shade from Ostanding is easy with a few step processes. It involves selecting a shade from Ostanding website or creating your own shade, then customizing it to your liking and eventually buying it.


 For more information on Roman and roller shades, visit Ostanding website at Customer support can also be reached on 1-866-519-6305 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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