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Ordering Window Shades from Ostanding!

Ordering Window Shades from Ostanding!

Technology has given us many things in the last few years. One of the things that we now enjoy because of the advances of technology is the ability to be able to shop almost anywhere in the world. We have more goods and services available to us today than we have ever had before.

With everything in life, there is a good side and a bad side. Technology has provided us with almost limitless shopping possibilities, but on the other hand, shopping online can be difficult, frustrating and aggravating. Those are the drawbacks to the advancements.

There are a few exceptions to these drawbacks and Ostanding custom window shade is one of the exceptions. Shopping with Ostanding for a custom roller shade or a custom Roman shade, will be one of the easiest things you ever do in your life.

Ostanding developed the idea that they wanted to help people make custom window treatments for their homes. These custom treatments are not merely window shades made of different colored fabrics. These window shades are made from fabrics that the customer gets to design. At Ostanding, the customer uploads an image that they want printed on the fabric of their shade, and in a short period of time the shade they ordered is delivered to their front door, looking exactly like the picture the customer uploaded.

These images can be photo images of people, pets or landscape images of places, trees, or even geometric designs that you have created and want to see on your windows. The sky is the limit in what you can place on your window shades. 

When Internet shopping first became popular, you had to have a computer to access the Internet shopping sites. Most people that did this type of shopping did so from desk top computers. Then more and more people started to carry laptop computers with them. The laptop computers worked in the same fashion as the desk top and they could still access all of their favorite shopping websites. Then the smart phone became popular. The smartphone allowed people to have a mobile device that gave them internet access, and yet was small enough that they were not cumbersome to carry around. Smart phones and the smaller computer versions known as tablets quickly have become the number one way people access the Internet, shop online, pay bills online, and stay in touch with friends and family.

The problem with the smart phones and tablets that people suddenly were using for internet access was that the way the web sites were written was not compatible with the smart phone technology. New software had to be invented that allowed the new devices to understand the information on the web pages, and allowed the web pages to understand commands from the smart phones and tablets. Many people got frustrated when they tried to use their devices to make purchase orders, play games, and even view content on web pages. When Ostanding decided to make web pages that allowed people to custom design window treatments they took all of the knowledge of problems people had been using smart phones and tablets as primary internet access sources, and they implemented ways to circumvent those problems.

Ostanding has included the software applications on their site so that people using computers can make orders for window shades. They have also included the software applications that allow people to use smart phones, tablets and other Internet capable devices to order from their site. The people at Ostanding realize that a large number of people access the Internet using smart phones and tablets instead of computers. Not all websites are compatible with those devices, so they made certain that their customers could use the devices they wanted to use to access the site, place their order, and finalize all decisions and payment options.

Ordering custom window shades from Ostanding is as easy, if not easier than shopping in a brick and mortar store. You simply go to the Ostanding website and there are clear and easy instructions for you to follow that take you from the process of wanting a new shade, and having a new shade delivered to your door step. You never even have to leave your home to complete the transaction.

Ostanding has made the ordering a step by step process. You choose the style of shade that you want, like roller or Roman. Then you will click on the continue button. You choose the size of shade that you want. Then you click on the continue button. You are offered the opportunity to choose material designs from ones that Ostanding already has on file or to upload images that you want placed on your shade and you click on the continue button. You will be shown an example of what your shade will look like so you can re-position the image to create the look that you like best, and then simply click continue. Finally, you will be shown what your shade will look like and you will see what the shade will cost. You click continue and the Ostanding website will carry you to the secure payment portion so you can order your shade. If you make a mistake or change your mind, at any time during the process you can go back and start again without any difficulties.

You can change the size of the shade, the style, the color of the material backing and the images as many times as you like until you love the shade you have created. The web pages are designed to allow you to change any portion of the order right up until you have paid for the order and received delivery confirmation.

Ordering custom window shades from Ostanding is possibly the easiest task that you will ever have. As a matter of fact, playing with the design features is so easy, that it is fun. You will find yourself changing the images on the preview and re-positioning these images, several times, just because it is really neat to see your personal photos become window shades.

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