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Interior Decorating and the use of Roman Shades

Interior Decorating and the use of Roman Shades

A Roman shade is a piece of fabric that is positioned at the top of a window sill for the purpose of lowering and covering the window opening, and the window encasement. The Roman shade has been used for many years to block out the harmful ultra-violet light that the sun emits, and to protect the interior furnishings of a room.

The fabric that is used to create Roman shades is folded so that when a cord is pulled the fabric will unfold and cover the window, and when the fabric is down and the cord is pulled it will fold back into even folds, leaving the window looking chic.

At you can order Roman shades that have unique pictures on them. Ostanding creates shades for their customers by printing images their customer provides them onto the fabric that they use to create the shades. These window treatments are personal, unique, and affordable.

Roman shades are a distant cousin to the fabric pieces that the Roman people living close to the Coliseum placed over their windows. In the days of the great Roman Coliseum, the roads that led through town were quite dusty, and the dust traveled throughout the town, and entered the homes through the uncovered windows along the route. People abhorred this dust and they started to use pieces of cloth to cover their windows so the dust could not easily enter, yet the breeze could still enter. Through the years there have been many improvements on the piece of cloth, in the way the cloth folds, the way it lowers, and rises, and in the materials used to create the shades.

Roman shades can be used alone to create a beautiful look over a window. Ostanding custom shades are often used alone because the beautiful images placed on the shades are images that the owner wants other people to see and appreciate. Roman shades can also be used with other window treatments; like draperies, curtains, and valances to create unique looks in a room.

You can have a picture printed on your Roman shades of a person. You can have this image printed in black and white, and then in stark contrast you could hang a brightly colored set of curtains over the shades. Open the curtain panels so that you have brightly colored material on either side of the black and white image and you would have a contrasting picture frame. This setup  could be changed using different color schemes, and different images.

Roman shades are very handy to have because they can completely cover the window opening and create a private area inside the home that people on the outside cannot see past. The custom images that can place on the material that creates the shades will make it even more difficult for someone on the outside to be able to discern what is taking place on the inside of the room. This allows you to have an added measure of privacy.

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