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How to Install Window Shades Properly

How to Install Window Shades Properly can help you to have complete control over the amount of light that enters your home by providing you with a custom made window shade that fits your window to perfection. Not all windows are the exact same size, and if you truly want to gain control over the sunlight filtering in through yours, you must get shades that are designed to fit them perfectly.

Check the manufacturing packaging that the shade arrived in so that you can ascertain whether or not you have all of the appropriate hardware with your shade to attach it properly. Read the instructions carefully from start to finish before you begin to mark the area where the supports must be mounted.

Gather all of the appropriate tools before you start to install the frames. You will need a tape measure, you will need a screwdriver. It will likely be a Phillips screwdriver that is needed to put the screws in with, but often you need a flat head screwdriver to remove the tabs that hide the position of the screws in the mounting bracket.

Measure your windows at the top of the window sill and mark them so that you can place the accompanying hardware in the right place to support the brackets on the shades. There is an old saying among carpenters that goes like this “measure twice, cut once”. That means that if you make certain, you have the correct measurement before you cut the materials you will be less likely to make a mistake. You should measure the position you are going to put the supports in twice to make sure you have them properly aligned so you do not have to take them down and move them later.

Mark the position of the mounting bracket using a pencil to make sure that you can remove the mark if you make it in the wrong place. The only people who are not making mistakes are the ones who are not doing anything at all so make sure that you are able to erase any mistake that you make.

If you have an electric, or battery powered screwdriver it will make it easier for you to install the screws. Some woods are very delicate due to age, or the type of wood that they are, and when you are dealing with a very delicate wood surrounding your window, you should pre-drill your screw holes to reduce the chances of the wood splitting, or being damaged when you install the mounting brackets for your Ostanding shades.

Once the mounting brackets are properly installed you can carefully remove your custom Ostanding shade from the package and hang it over your window opening. You want to be careful to hang your shade where it is level so that the cords that open and close it will work properly.

Step back away from the window once the shade has been hung and view it in the open, and the closed positions. Make the necessary adjustments before you put your tools away.

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