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How to Clean Customized Window Shades

How to Clean Customized Window Shades

Once you have ordered your custom window shades from, and you have your windows looking like you want them to, then you will be charged with the responsibility of keeping those window shades clean. The cleaning of window treatments can be a daunting task to many people. This is a cleaning job that you do not have to do very frequently so you may not know the proper procedure for cleaning them, or you may have forgotten what you did know about the task.

Oils from cooking, dust, and allergens all gather together on the surfaces of our window shades. We periodically need to clean them to remove these contaminants from them.

Dusting is something that must be done the most frequently. Dust particles in the air attach themselves to the surfaces of our shades and cause the shades to look less attractive than they did when they were new, and clean. Dust can also cause you to have been sneezing fits so keeping your home free from this substance will be beneficial to you.

You can buy commercial dusting apparatuses from many different companies to use to remove the dust from your Ostanding custom shades. You can also use a hand held vacuum to gently eradicate the dust, or you can use a clean, dry cloth that is lint free. A cloth baby diaper makes a great dust cloth, and you can use cotton socks as a dust cloth. You can also use the upholstery attachment to your household vacuum to do this job.

You should use the upholstery attachment by slowly moving the vacuum brush in horizontal strokes across the width of the shade. Using the horizontal motion will help to keep you from crushing the fabric that makes up the shade. Moving the attachment slowly gives it time to pick up all of the looks particles of dust without grinding them into the fabric of the shade.

You can buy cans of compressed air like you use on your computer, and electronic components, and blow the dust particles away from the cracks, and crevices in the shades. This will allow you to use the vacuum and remove the particles without damaging the shade. Blow the dust free of the hard to reach places and then use the vacuum attachment to gently lift the dust away.

You can use a damp cloth, and mild soapy water to spot clean places on your Ostanding custom Roman shades. You must remember that when you are cleaning a spot with a damp cloth, you want to blot the area and not rub at the area. Be sure that you wring the cloth you are using out well so you apply as little water to the area as possible. Use extreme caution when the shades are crafted from delicate fabrics so that you do not cause the colors to fade, bleed, or run together. It is highly recommended that you try the cleaning method on a spot that is not easily visible before you use it on a highly visible section of the blind.

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