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How to Choose Window Treatments for your Home

How to Choose Window Treatments for your Home

There are several different window treatments that can be applied to the windows in your home. You can have curtains, you can have shades, and you can leave the windows bare. When you start to choose shades, you can get them made from wood, bamboo, fabric, and plastic. You can get roller shades, or Roman shades, or shades with slats, or shades with solid pieces. How do you choose which type of shade will be appropriate for your needs?

First, you have to consider what the room you are placing the window treatment in is used for. A kitchen requires considerably lighter  than a baby nursery does. You must know what activities will be taking place in the room in order to determine the amount of light that will be needed. Then you can narrow your window treatment selection down according to the amount of light the room needs, and that the treatment provides.

You then have to decide what function the window in the room serves. Some windows are put in place for the additional light they can provide. Picture windows often serve the purpose of letting more light enter a room. Some windows are strategically placed so that they can be opened and allow the breeze from outside to enter the room. Some windows are placed so that they can allow odors trapped inside the home to be allowed to escape. You must know what the purpose of the window is so that you can decide what window treatment to use on it. You do not want to block a window with heavy draperies or shutters if you need that window to provide light. You also do not want to apply floor length draperies over a window that serves to allow the breeze to enter because the draperies would need to be open to allow the breeze inside the room.

Consider the amount of privacy that might be required by the occupants of the room. When you are in the kitchen, or dining room of your home, it will probably not bother you if people outside the home can see into the room. If you are in your bedroom, or your dressing room, you would not want people to be able to peer through your windows into your home. You have to select window treatments that will allow you to have the amount of privacy that each room in your home commands.

You must consider the way you want your room to look when you are selecting treatments for the window. The materials you select, the colors of the window shades, and they style of the window treatments will be decided in a large way by the decorating style you are suing in your home.

Consider your budget when you are selecting the items for your home. You must consider the cost of the window treatment and whether or not any additional items will be needed in order for you to install, or maintain those treatments.

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