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How to choose a new window covering for your home

How to choose a new window covering for your home

When a person is buying a home they don't always find exactly what they are looking for. The decor is often non existent and any ideas you have to fit your style can be difficult for some because of the layout or orientation of the room. While browsing the internet I discovered some easy steps on how to select a window treatment that can really compliment your space.

1. Go Simple

Strip away heavy window coverings and replace them with simple window shades.


2. Pick Existing Colors

If you use fabric, make sure it's a neutral or contemporary tone


3. Add Texture

To explore some texture options you can try Ostanding's Sheer Weave line of window shades. They can provide a more textured look and feel.


4. Minimize or Soften the Direct Light

Direct Light can create an unpleasant working environment. Simple roman or roller shades, like the Blockout or Backlit Shades sold by Ostanding can help.


5. Adding some curves 

Arching a valance is a good option for specific areas. Stores like Walmart, Target and JC Penney sell a variety of window rods that are available in different colors.


Try shopping at some of these stores and you will see what amazing options you have.


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