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How to Apply and Use the Frosted Glass Paint

How to Apply and Use the Frosted Glass Paint

 Frosted glass paint is a product often presented in the form of a spray. Logging on to the Internet, you will easily find plenty of websites selling this frosted glass paint spray. However, you have to understand the usage and application of the product before buying it. You can use it in order to apply a simple frost coating to a glass surface, whether we are talking about windows, doors or other similar surfaces. The spray on product is recommended, as it can be easy to use while guaranteeing long lasting effects.

Frosted glass paint and light control

An important concern for a lot of home owners when it comes to the frosted glass paint has to do with the light control. The big advantage of frosted glass windows is that they admit exactly as much light as it is necessary in a room. Plus, the frosted glass paint is perfect for stenciling and, let's face it, we all like frosted tempered glass and the way it looks. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that frosted glass paint can only be used inside, meaning on the interior side of windows, doors or other surfaces. Outside, it can be damaged by the sun or rain.

What happens if you have had the frosted coating effect for some time now and you want to change it? Nothing is more simple. The frosted glass paint can be easily removed from a glass window, provided you use lacquer thinner, acetone or similar substances. The most essential aspect to take into consideration is that, before applying a new coating of frosted glass paint, the glass must be clean and dry. Otherwise, you will not obtain the desired effect and all your work would have been in vain.

Simple recommendations for frosted glass paint application

Okay, so you have to decided to use the frosted glass paint for the first time. The first and most important recommendation is that you keep the glass in a vertical position; this will guarantee that the product works properly and there are no bad streaks in the end. Plus, you have to apply the paint from a fair distance. Standing too close will leave you with streaks, while standing too far will not provide the desired aspect, as the frosted glass paint particles tend to solidify before even touching the glass. Spraying slowly and constantly is the way to go and it is for the best not to try and repair the streaks, as you will only make them worse.

The frosted glass paint can be used for bathroom windows as well and you will certainly be impressed with the final aspect. With a professional, you would have to pay a lot and maybe you want to invest your money in something else. Using the frosted glass paint spray-on product is a money-saving idea but you have to follow certain indications for the desired effect. Keep in mind that the room in which you apply the frosted glass paint must be well ventilated and that you have to let the surface to properly dry before touching it. 

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