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Embed Brilliance in Interior Environment through Ostanding

Embed Brilliance in Interior Environment through Ostanding

Ostanding is a company dedicated to embed attention to details and adherence to the latest trends of home-fashion in our roman shade designs. That is how we offer a unique variety in contemporary designs with the added benefit of digitally printed Custom-made Shades. Ostanding customized shades are not just an economic and long-lasting option for draping your windows but also these are chic, practical and very stylish. That’s not all, what you get at Ostanding is a literally endless range of colors, materials, designs and print sizes. Our roman shades prints are available in large sizes too which is a rare finding at regular retailer shops. We can easily provide you a custom-made print for even full length windows.


Our custom-printed shades completely transform your interiors no matter where you install it at your workplace or home. We have something that gels along perfectly with any and every color scheme. There are simply no compromises involved when you buy a custom made roman shade from Ostanding.


At this platform we offer an open invitation policy for you all so that you can become a designer yourself and provide us creations for printing on your shades. You can get as creative as you want to be in designing the pattern of your shade and in a matter of merely hours our expert designers will transfer your imagination on to the printable material. Within no time you will get brilliantly crafted fully personalized drapery for your windows. At Ostanding, draping your windows becomes all the more fun-filled and entertaining because you personally are involved but all the hard work will be done by our team. You only have to guide us.


We offer a pre-set range of templates containing elegant contemporary designs with a wide range of options to choose from. We offer designs to suit all sorts of places and indoor environment. From funky and hip to subtle and classy we have it all ready for you. Our creative team of designers is always churning out designs that match the current trends of home-fashion so that our esteemed customers are able to change the look of their windows in a fashionable way.


Our printing technology is highly advanced (we use state-of-the-art digital sublimation devices) and we make no compromises in our materials. You will notice a vast difference in the products from the regular retailers of custom-made roman shades and Ostanding roman shades as our shades are immaculately printed. Every shade of ours has a story to tell; it’s no ordinary piece of drapery, it is rather an art piece that will make your windows standout even if there are hordes of other ornamental items placed. Such is the impact of our flawless contemporary designs.


If you are looking to change the look of your office or workplace then you have reached the right place since we provide highly attractive yet subtle custom roman shades. You can count on Ostanding custom roman shades as these are commercially viable, affordable and every shade of ours is unique.




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