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Elegant Choices for Country Window Treatments

Elegant Choices for Country Window Treatments

Country window treatments represent a subject of interest for a lot of people and especially women, as these are known to possess a flair for interior decorating. If you have recently started a renovation project and you are now at the point where you need to decide between the various country window treatments, then there is no better place to visit than the Internet. You will soon discover that a new set of curtains can give any room a fresh look, bringing out that whole concept of country living.

Match the window treatment to the style of your house

Browsing the Internet for country window treatments, you might find yourself a little bit confused at the number of choices presented. However, before you decide between plantation shutters and DIY draperies, you might want to take a few things into consideration. First of all, you cannot look at country window treatments without considering the style of your house, the chosen furniture and even the accessories selected for each room. Then and only then, you can include the windows and search for inspiration in order to update your d├ęcor.

Two of the most popular choices when it comes to country window treatments include Roman shades and canopy curtains. However, you should be aware that simple yet elegant sheers hung on rods might represent a better choice for a Texas-style cottage. For those who are more drawn to neutral tones, a more suitable recommendation would be going with tall, oatmeal coloured curtains. These represent the perfect blend between casual and old fashion, having charm written all over and you will definitely be satisfied with having chosen these country window treatments.

Window framework is just as important

One very essential aspect to think about is the framework of the windows. While it is true that curtains are essential when it comes to country window treatments, the framework can matter just as much. Just try to imagine how a black painted framework would look in an historic country house. It will draw attention, especially if you decide to go with brightly coloured curtains. Depending on the room for which you are choosing the country window treatments, you can go with blueish tones and custom linen drapes (recommendation for a master bedroom).

If you are looking for country window treatments that are not that expensive, then you can always go with hand-screened muslin curtains or just with various DIY drapes (stitched ones are 'in' at the moment). The bright colours are mostly recommended for kids rooms and if you are a non-conformist type, you can have custom-made curtains with botanical print transferred onto linen. Bright and white country window treatments give an airy feeling, while French romantic linens are perfect living rooms. So, whether you decide go with short or sweeping, floor length curtains, it is guaranteed that you will be pleasantly impressed with the choices presented online. Practically, just shopping for country window treatments is an immense pleasure. Then, as you will see them, integrated in your home decor, you will know that you have made the perfect selection.

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