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DIY Decorating with Customized Window Blinds

DIY Decorating with Customized Window Blinds

Decorating the interior of your home, or office, is something that many of us dread. We all want beautiful spaces to live in, and to work in, but many of us feel inept when it comes to choosing the items we will use to create this beauty. 

When you think of decorating you likely think about the paint on the walls, the furniture in the room, the accessories like lamps, but you probably do not consider the window blinds as being a source of style. After all, window blinds are used to block the sunlight, and curtains, drapes, and ruffled valances, are used to add color, style, and interest to a room. has created a way to allow you to use window shades as a focal point in a room. You can also use the shades as accents to the rest of the décor. Ostanding gives you the ability to create custom shades that will look great in your room, and the shades will also keep you from having to purchase extra window treatments like drapes, curtains, or valances.

Using Ostanding custom shades in your office will allow you to have a unique room without having to spend a large amount of money, or having to do further damage to the walls by hanging more curtain rods.

At you get to select the style of window shade that you would like to have. You get to select the size of shade that you need. You can choose which side to place the controls of the shades on. You can choose the thickness of the material that will be used to make the shade. You also get to choose the color of the material that will be used and you get to choose the pattern that will be on the material used to create the blinds.

You get to either upload pictures from your private computer, or you can choose from images that other people have placed on the website to share. You can have pictures of your children, you pets, your grandchildren, r places that you love printed on your shades to create a distinctive, and personal shade. You can also have images of animals, or flowers, printed on your shades to show things that you love, or causes that you support. 

You can have geometric designs printed on the material in a color that will accent the main furnishings in the room. The use of color, and shapes, can cause the room to look more complete, and more inviting. You can use bold colors to attract the eye, or subdued colors that will create a calming effect.

Affordable custom shades from Ostanding can make your interior decorating easy to do. You can stay within your budget while obtaining shades that are both practical, and beautiful. You can even buy more than one shade to fit a window so that you could change the shades out during different seasons of the year. This would allow you to keep your room looking fresh and inviting.

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