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Custom Roller Shades By Ostanding

Custom Roller Shades By Ostanding

Custom roller shades from Ostanding can be used by numerous individuals. For those who are seeking a more reliable and stylish custom shade experience, Ostanding can offer just that. Offices, school rooms, studios, personal businesses, bedrooms, and more can benefit from custom roller shades. With quick customer service and unlimited customizable options, Ostanding will take your roller shade experience to the next level. There are varying sizes of custom shades. For smaller offices and homes, a more suitable size is preferred. Albeit, Ostanding also offers larger sizes to fit any sort of need one may have. 

Differences In Roman and Roller Shades 

Both roller shades and Roman shades are popular, yet there are a few differences that customers should note. For those seeking out better light control, roller shades are a better option. Roller shades will allow you to control the level of light in your office or home easier than a Roman shade style. Roman blinds do, however, allow more light to sneak in. Roman shades may also be inside mounted.Individuals who want an easier shade option should give serious thought to the differences between roller shades and Roman shades. Roller shades are easier to clean, making them a better option for busier individuals. Roller shades are available in various materials, such as fabric that is water-proof. This makes them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and front rooms. People who prefer Roman shades oftentimes do so because of their more 'elegant' look. Find out what option is better for you by researching and looking into what you need for your own home. The shade color refers to the color on the back and the images will be printed on the front. 

Customer Service 

At Ostanding, customer service is taken seriously.  Customers will be thrilled to discover that their custom roller shades arrive with a one-year limited manufactures warranty. For those wanting to return their item, made to stock items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days. The purchaser should remain aware, however, that 'made to order items' cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are somehow faulty. Since each custom roller shade is uniquely made and customized to fit your needs, they cannot be returned like the stock items. Before ordering the custom shades, the purchaser should keep in mind that is not responsible for inaccurate measurements or specifications. If an item is faulty or imperfect, you can return it. Returning an item back to Ostanding is rather simple. Find their address on their 'Contact Us' page and return the item with the original documents. Shipping is not refunded on return items. All accepted returns will be refunded to the full amount within three to seven business days. 

As an online company that cares about your satisfaction,Ostanding will work with you to ensure that their product meets your standards. In addition, the custom roller shades and furnishings are made for either professional or custom use. For those looking for a more professional setting, offers numerous choices for the savvy individual. At a reasonable price, you can create custom roller shades for your office or business. To those who are seeking a more customizable and laid-back look, Ostanding is there to help you.

Creating your own custom shade is a rather simple online process. First, the purchaser must choose what style they prefer. Next, there are a few options to choose from when it comes to layouts. Landscape, square, and portrait are just three of the options a customer can choose from. The following step is a rather important one. Deciding on your shade dimensions is a step that you should consider carefully. Type in what amount you so desire. Selecting a sidewinder and chain location is the fourth step. Choosing from a variety of colors, the purchaser has the option of picking various colors for different sides. At the fifth step, your price below is listed. Depending on your selections and size, your cost will vary. 

Creating Your Own Image 

Ostanding gives you the option of uploading your own image, as well. Pricing will depend when it comes to the dimensions of the item. With endless creation options, Ostanding can please almost any customer. Individuals who enjoy variety shall find this option quite admirable. Ostanding is committed to offering only the best in customer service and quality. Ostanding's products are of the highest quality and can be customized to fit you own personal or professional business needs. While businesses are generally the target audience for custom shades, knows that custom shades are sought after by families and individuals.

A popular option in the world of shades is turning a piece of artwork into a custom design. You can be proud of your own artistic talent by displaying it for the world. Parents and family members can now display a child's art creation or school project with The options are truly unlimited. Purchasers who are wanting something a little 'different' and unique will find that Ostanding can meet their needs. From the latest retro image to that popular piece of artwork, they are able to help meet your design needs. Professional artists will enjoy displaying their work with these custom-made designs. Ostanding can deliver your product to you in a desirable amount of time and will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied. Displaying your local sign or image for a business may be what suits your needs. From larger scale companies to a smaller business, Ostanding understands that quality custom shades are an important aspect to certain businesses. In fact, custom shades have the ability to help you attract more customers to your business. They not only stand out, but can aid you in getting your message across. 

Photography is an option that purchasers will enjoy. Private purchasers and businesses can benefit from certain images on their custom shades. can help you meet this need. Ordering online with Ostanding is simple. Custom roller shades will add a certain pizazz to any setting. Unique designs can also help make your home stand out from the ordinary. There are infinite possibilities that the home-owners can choose from. Vintage style pictures or a new piece of art can make any home look its best. The pictures will be printed on quality material and will look very professional. Having personalized custom roller shades will truly make your home or office stand out. It can reflect upon your personality and show others what your style truly is. For a very reasonable price, you can add a whole new look to your home or office. There is no need to live with boring shades, now that you can have personalized, high-quality custom roller shades from Ostanding. 

Digital Sublimation 

Ostanding prints using a system called digital sublimation. This form of printing is easier than other certain methods and helps keep costs down. They are able to do this while still keeping the quality at its highest and the cost down. The finished product is a high-quality and pristine item. Time is another factor that comes into play with this type of printing. Digital sublimation allows for the company to complete more custom shades in a given day. This is beneficial to Ostanding and will get the product to the customer even quicker. In fact, some shades can even be shipped on the very same day; this is how quickly this method of printing can work. Along with quality images and speedy service,Ostanding makes the ordering process quite easy. You can order your products all online and pay with your credit card. Since the entire procedure is digital, this helps keep the cost down for Ostanding.

High Quality 

 In turn, the savings are passed on to the customer purchasing custom-made shades. Individuals who want to help the environment will be thrilled to hear that digital sublimation printing is Eco-friendly. This form of printing allows companies to cut down on pollution and they use less water. Ostanding understands that time can be saved with this form of printing. Interior designers can benefit from what Ostanding has to offer as a company. With quality custom made roller shades, they can please their customers and create a very unique look that homeowners are certain to love. Your personality can shine through with custom made roller shades and other products that Ostanding has to offer. Their products can be grand and large-scale,but where does this put homeowners who prefer a more simple look? Ostanding can still offer smaller-scale designs that will fit any sort of personal or business need. Smaller custom made roller shades are popular among businesses and individuals who do not want large items. If you prefer a simple design or just one solid color, Ostanding can meet these particular needs. Your own personal style can be viewed by all with shades from Ostanding. 

If customers are unsure what they want, there are videos on that will guide you through the design and ordering process. The video will provide individuals with information and tips on how to style their own area. With Ostanding, you can have quality custom made shades at an extraordinary price. Knowing the difference between roller shades and Roman shades will make your shopping experience easier in the long run.

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