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Custom Design Shades and What Makes Them So Popular

Custom Design Shades and What Makes Them So Popular

Did you know that there are so many different styles of Ostanding’s custom design shades that you can choose from for your interior design needs? Ostanding’s design shades are the best option for anyone who wants to experience the softness and functionality of shades. When it comes to customizing the shades, you can opt for any style that you prefer, ranging from the traditional to contemporary designs. These easy to operate Ostanding’s design shades can also be customized with bottom-up/ top-down lifting system thus providing you with complete control over your privacy and light.

So why should you order custom design shades from us? Well, there are many advantages that you stand to gain than you might probably imagine. As an interior designer, wedding planner or an event planner, you get the golden opportunity of creating custom curtain shades as per your desired specifications. This means that the design creations available at your disposal are limitless and only limited by your imagination or creativity.

With Ostanding’s custom design shades, you can be as creative as much as you want to make sure that you get something that is not only beautiful but also usable. Giving us your precise specifications is vital in order to get shades with a perfectly polished look. The beauty of Ostanding’s custom design shades can’t be beat. When nicely designed, they bring a sense of style and elegance to any house. When it comes to placing an order for Ostanding’s custom design shades, things can be quite tough especially when trying to find exactly what you need. However, we have made things much easier for you!

While ready made selections will save you some money and time, the sad thing is that you will have to make some sacrifices on style, quality, design and colors. But with Ostanding’s custom design shades, you get the exact shades you want. The best part is that you can order conveniently at the confinement of your home or from a Smartphone without any hassles. Many wedding planners, interior designers and event planners who have opted for these custom made shades have found them to be extremely cost effective. The fact that they are replaceable/ disposable anytime makes them even a much better option than any other alternative available out there on the market. They are commercially scalable and viable and you can order as many units as you want from us.

You can easily customize your roman shades using pre- selected photos/ images or better still, you can upload your own as well. We guarantee you shade of high quality and resolution that can be printed digitally with large- size painting/ photography. We are specialists in large size shades for both commercial and personal use.

With Ostanding’s custom design shades, it is all about you. Your options are limitless and you are assured of perfectly fitting shades that also function perfectly. Ostanding’s custom design shades are designed with the entire room in mind to complement and enhance any décor that exists at the house. Because they are personally sewn and created, custom shades are of high quality and will last longer. You can rest assured that they will last much longer than readymade shades and your investment will of course pay off handsomely in the long run. 

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