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Create Distinctive Window Shades using your Photos

Create Distinctive Window Shades using your Photos

When you go to the store to buy window shades, you are limited to the sizes that the store carries, the colors that the store carries, and the types that the store carries. If you live in a small town that could mean that you have the same window shades that all of your neighbors have. If you want distinctive looking shades, you have to go out of town to find them.

You can find those distinctive window shades at, and you will not be limited by the size, style, color, or design of the shade. Ostanding allows people to upload their personal images to be placed on the fabric that will be used in the creation of the shades they order. That means that you can use photographs you already have to create window shades to hang in your home, or office.

You can use photographs of your friends and family to make a collage and then upload the collage image using the Ostanding website tools and your window shades will be made with that collage being the pattern on the material. You could sit in your office and look at a beautiful picture of any of your family hanging over the window opening. Shades made with personal pictures are very distinctive, and Ostanding will not share your images with any other person.

You could take a picture while you are on vacation and have the image placed on a window shade so that you could look at the magnificent view anytime you choose. You could use the pictures of any place that you have been as long as you have the legal rights to the pictures. That means that you need to use images that you have taken using your personal camera, or that you have the permission of the person that took the picture.

You can take pictures of your pets and use them to decorate offices spaces, and use them to decorate in children’s play areas. Children love to see images of animals, and they especially love to see images of animals they know and love.

You can order your custom Ostanding window shades to completely cover the window opening in the room you are decorating. When you have the shade drawn closed the images will show and it will appear as if you have a large portrait of a loved one hanging in the room.

At your window shade can be crafted to fit your window. If you have an abnormal sized window, you can still get beautiful shades to fit them. When people walk into the room, they will see the amazing images and will more than likely not realize that they are looking at a window shade until you point that fact out to them.

You can take several images and have window shades made from them. Store the window shades in the closet and when you are ready for a new look in your room, you can change the shades.

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