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Budget Decorating in Kids Rooms

Budget Decorating in Kids Rooms

One of the problems with decorating rooms for children is that children grow rapidly in mind and body. So the room that is decorated perfectly for the child will be too babyish for the child in just a few short months, or years. Parents get frustrated by this fact and often deny their children decorated rooms that they would love.

There are ways for you to provide your child with a room that will stimulate their minds, and tickle their fancies, while not costing a lot of money, or taking a lot of time to complete. Money is not always the thing that stops parents from decorating, the amount of time it takes to complete the project also has to be considered. We all live busy lives and we have to maintain a balance amongst our extra-curricular activities.

The starting point to decorating a child’s room is to choose a color the child really looks. Choose a base color for the walls and trim in the room. Painting is an affordable way of changing the look of a room, but painting can be time consuming. You want to keep the number of times that you paint the room to a minimum.

You can buy wall clings that stick to painted surfaces without leaving residual glues when they are removed. These wall clings work like window clings. You stick them to a clean surface and use a squeegee and a sponge to remove the air bubbles from beneath them. When you are ready to change them, you simply take them off of the wall by starting at a corner and pealing them off. They are re-useable, and they do not damage the walls.

You can buy window blinds from that are customized. You can upload pictures to the Ostanding website and have the images from the pictures imprinted on the fabrics that are used to create the window blinds. Using pictures of animals, family members, places the child likes, landscapes, and geometrical designs will allow you to create a room that your child loves for very little money.

You can add color to a child’s room by changing the throw pillows and throw rugs in their room. When you use to throw rugs in a child’s room, it is recommended that you place the double sided tape on the back of them so that you can stick them to the floor. This will prevent the child from tripping over the rug and possibly injuring themselves when they fall.

You can go to and have your child a window shade created with images they recognize and have it done in black and white. Then you could buy fabric paints and you and the child could add color to the images. You can also place a curtain rod over the window casing and use curtain panels to create a frame for the customized window shades you hang here.

Place picture frames in the child’s room and periodically change the pictures in them. You do not have to use just family photos. You can use photos of friends, pets, and even of their favorite characters. You can even frame art work that the child does and place it in their room.

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