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The Most Popular Types of Roofing in the World

The Most Popular Types of Roofing in the World


When building a house, there are many things to take into consideration and the roof is certainly one of the most important. After all, you have to think about the materials you are going to use, the space you are going to obtain from a certain type of roof and how well is your roof going to resist over time, depending of course on the materials used. This article will present you with five examples of popular types of roofing, hoping that it will be easier for you to make a choice.

#1 The mansard roof

As the name clearly suggests it, this type of roofing create an additional living/storage space within your house. The main characteristic of the mansard roof is that it has four slopes, each side of the house having two slopes. One of these two slopes is lower, steeper and more vertical while the other one may be or not visible when looked upon from the base of the house. Keep in mind that the mansard roof is of French 17th century inspiration, allowing homeowners to use the interior space and relish on the elaborate dormer windows.

#2 The gambrel roof

A relative of number one, the gambrel roof has vertical gable ends and it can be seen from the ground, hanging over the house facade. As opposed to the mansard roof that has French roots, history goes to prove that the gambrel roof has its roots actually in the Netherlands. It has two slopes on each side of the house and, just like in the one above, one of these slopes is lower and steeper and the other one is slightly higher located and at a shallow angle. The advantages of the gambrel roof lie in the fact that it allows for attic space while remaining at a comfortable height for a roof.

#3 The pyramid roof

Often times, you will see that the names of roofs are pretty suggestive, which is the case of number three as well. Being shaped like a pyramid, this type of roof is often encountered on small structures of the house, such as the garage or the pool house. As a matter of fact, many people turn to specialized roofing companies in order to add a garden, a gazebo or similar pavilion structures on their pyramid roof and the final results are simply spectacular.

#4 The hip roof

The hip roof and the pyramid roof are closely related. The difference lies however in the fact that the hip roof has four sides that meet at a ridge. Experts in the field recommend the hip roof because of practical reasons, as it is the type of roof where all the sides slope downwards and it also allows for gutters to be easily installed. It is the kind of roof that is perfectly indicated in areas with high winds, the stable structure being just one of the many advantages offered.

#5 The flat roof

This type of roof is easily built and it is has two very important features: safety and accessibility. However, you will have to perform a regular maintenance; having no slopes, the debris tends to pile up, requiring thus constant attention.



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