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Top 5 Painting Techniques

Top 5 Painting Techniques

Always use primer

Primer is your friend! A solid coat of primer can smooth an uneven surface, balance colors and make your finished product more vibrant. It will also save you a lot of time, energy and money because you will avoid using multiple coats of paint. 


Clean Edges and lines.

You can invest  a few extra dollars into a good brush and some quality 3M painters tape and tape off edges and baseboards carefully. A great product known as an edger can be used and will save you time.


Make sure the wall is clean before you start

Remember paint doesn't stick to grease or slippery surfaces. The wall must be dry and clean prior to priming.


Take it one gallon at a time. 

Do not use too much paint 1 gallon to every 400 Square feet will suffice if you are using a good primer.


Leave it alone!

Avoid streaks by painting a solid coat and leaving it alone. Let it dry to avoid streaks and light spots.



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