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What is the Importance of Focalization in Landscaping?

What is the Importance of Focalization in Landscaping?

The choice of focal point is a matter of personal preference. It can be as simple as a tree, shrub or a boulder. Other common focal points include pergolas, statues and water features. The main idea of focalization is to accentuate the whole landscape while pulling some attention to other interesting landscaping features. For instance, you can use a tree or a grouping of a certain plant. The variations in size, texture and shape will create a visual appeal.  Hence, a tall tree surrounded by low-lying plants makes it stand out more.

Benefits for using focal points in landscaping

1. Create a sense of sound with water features

Focal points should not only be visual, but they can also create sound. Introduce a bubbling pot or a gentle fountain to build serenity in the garden while attracting people to the focal point. Water features add appeal to the front as well as the backyard.

2. They add pizzazz to the yard

Focal points make the landscape more appealing. If they are spread strategically in the garden, they can enhance the beauty of the landscape. However, do not overdo it. Most homeowners make the mistake of flooding the garden with focal points. This can be visually distracting. While you want focal points to stand out, they should not dominate the whole yard.

3. Focalization to create direction

If you are working on a large landscape, there is no better way of encouraging guests to view the entire garden without giving into  boredom and fatigue. You can apply focal points at certain parts of the pathways. This will give the visitors an illusion of meeting something better ahead.  For instance, it is a creative way of directing people to the pool or to the water feature.

4. Personalizes the exterior design

Focal points are inspired by personal tastes. In most cases, the homeowner proposes such. The client decides on the best focal point to use and the sole responsibility of the exterior designer is to implement their wishes. The choice of the focal point says a lot about the personality of the homeowner. Those who adore art will most likely have a few statues or art works act as the objects of focalization. On the other hand, nature lovers will likely go for large or flowery tree. 

5. Give some attention to other areas

Focal points have always been used to attract attention to certain areas in the garden. For example, flowers around a water pond in the landscape will pull people to the water. In addition, planting trees and shrubs on raised grounds, will even out the scale while giving character to the landscape. 

A well-selected focal point can add balance in any landscape design. Adding artwork in the garden is a smart way of accentuating garden. It displays the art piece while adding beauty to the whole landscape. 

Focal points can be practical but also aesthetic. For instance, birdbaths, birdhouses and bird feeders can attract the wildlife, and enhance the garden greatly. Lastly, the color of the focal point can blend with the surrounding elements and bring harmony into the space.

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