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Useful Landscaping Advice from the Pros about Landscaping with Rocks

Useful Landscaping Advice from the Pros about Landscaping with Rocks

Rocks are a natural product that people use to decorate their yard, to create waterfalls, to create walkways up to their homes, or to other areas on their property. Stones are not extremely expensive if you live in an area they are naturally found in, but if you live in an area that would require you to ship the stones in you could quickly spend a massive amount of money getting them.

• Landscape drawings are useful, but when you are working with naturally formed stones, you may not always be able to follow your directions to the letter. That is because rocks are each unique and there is no way to guarantee that you will find one that is perfectly shaped, and sized according to your plan. So draw a plan, but remember to be flexible with it.

• Landscaping with stone can be costly if you live in an area that does not have native stones readily available. The actual cost that comes with using stones in your landscaping décor is from the transportation of the stones. If you can get the rocks from a local supplier, or local quarry, you will spend far less on them than if you have to have them shipped a long distance.

• Boulders are commonly found around water courses. Over time, the water makes the boulders rounder, and smoother. These boulders will usually be a shade of grey, and will not have a lot of detail to them. If you have rocks that are iron stained, or that have patches of lichens on them, then you probably have boulders that were not found close to a water source. These boulders will have a lot more interesting features, and the shapes will be more varied.

Common Landscape Boulder Shapes 

1. Tall and Vertical – defines rocks that are taller than they are wide. They are often used on waterfalls to create the taller half, and they can be placed as the center stone which is used to make a backdrop for the other rocks being used.

2. Low vertical where the stone you use is wider than it is tall. These stones are usually massive and they are often used in conjunction with the tall and vertical stones.

3. Arching stones are oddly shaped with an overhang on either side. Some people call these thrusting stones. They will be a little lower than the vertical stones. These stones are often used as cornerstones.

4. Reclining boulders will look something like an animal that is sitting in a reclining position. Some people call them an ox stone.

5. Flat stones are less than one foot in height. They are often used in front of boulders to create a dramatic visual experience. These are often used as stepping stones or to create walkways leading up to the decoration.

6. Wash gravel is small stones that are usually no larger than a fifty cent piece. This type of gravel is completely free of any dirt or sand.

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