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Top 5 Landscaping Mistakes

Top 5 Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping is a major buying and selling feature in any home. Here are some DIY tips that will help you make all the right decisions when planning your next landscaping project.

1. Underestimating your cost

Many homeowners make the mistake of not budgeting enough for landscaping. They under value the foliage and lush greenery they desire.

2. Exterior Lighting is a must have

One of the biggest mistakes is not picking some nice lighting. Lighting brings the warmth ambiance you see in home and garden magazines and commercials. Be sure to include solar powered lighting to reduce energy costs.

3. Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal Curb Appeal!!

Many homeowners focus too much on the backyard and not enough on the front curb appeal. This is the big ticket item when buying any home. Make sure your curb appeal is outstanding!

4. Stay away from the Mismatched 

When selecting plants, match your architecture with the style and character of the home. It is important that your landscape matches the features of your home and create subtle contrasts.

5. Not Having a Plan

DO NOT start a project without a plan orwritten budget becaus e its easy to get thrown off course and becoming a victim of overspending.

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