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These Tips will Help your Clients Save Money on Landscaping

These Tips will Help your Clients Save Money on Landscaping

Because landscaping costs are sky rocketing by the day, it is only natural that your client will want to sample inexpensive options in a bid to save bucks. As such, it is important that you run through the budget with your client and point on the priorities. Planning is very important and is a sure way of helping your client saves significantly. That said; try not to sacrifice the quality of your customer’s yard with cheap landscaping materials.  

In order for your customers to successfully save money on landscaping, they should first map out the goals and purpose of the yard. In addition, the nature of the household such as pets and children should be considered when determining the budget of the landscape. 

Here are some tips that should guide you when trying to save money for your client:

1. Research widely

Help your client to research extensively in matters regarding aesthetics, pricing, durability and functionality. This is a sure way for your client to get the value for his or her money. Most importantly, extensive research makes it easier for your client to separate priorities from luxuries.  

2. Rummage through various landscaping stores 

Encourage your client to avoid shopping in the first store but instead comb through the landscaping stores. This will make it easier for your client to settle on the best landscaping items at the best price.  

3. Buy in bulk

Buying landscaping materials in bulk will make it easier for your client to bargain and get the best deal. In addition, your client stands to get huge discounts if he/she shops in bulk. Most importantly, shopping in bulk ensures that your client gets uniform landscaping materials. 

4. Exploit obsolete resources

Those old benches and fences that your client intends to dismiss can be refurbished. Obsolete resources in the yard can be brought back to life simply by applying fresh coats of paint. Alternatively, old furniture could be used as vintage elements in the garden. 

5. Map out a budget

Your client cannot achieve much without a budget highlighting the priorities. A good budget should include a stashed kitty to accommodate emergencies and other miscellaneous expenditure that might pop up in the middle. Not having a back-up plan can be quite frustrating and expensive in some instances. Advice your client to avoid impulse buying because that can destabilize his or her budget.

6. Go for low maintenance plants 

Low maintenance plants are not only friendly to the budget but also time saving. For instance, the bougainvillea is pocket friendly and less fussy. This means that your client will not have to worry about an escalating water-bill thanks to watering this plant. Alien plants that are not native to the region are a big no. They are not only time-consuming but also financially demanding. 

It is your duty as an exterior designer to look out for your clients. Advice and help them to make wise decisions that will not only create a haven in the outdoors but decisions that will be lenient to their pockets. 

Remember that your client sees you as more of a confidant than just a business contact. Considering that you are dealing with his/her home, your client is more likely to trust you to make sober decisions for their landscape design.

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