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Ten Amazing Bougainvillea ideas for Landscaping

Ten Amazing Bougainvillea ideas for Landscaping

Considering that bougainvillea has very vibrant hues, your client will appreciate the stunning and sunny ambience that it creates in the landscape. Most importantly, bougainvillea is not as demanding or fussy as other plants and it is ideal for homeowners who have a tight schedule. Homeowners who reside in sunny zones can benefit from this plant all year round. 

Here are some Amazing Ideas when using the Bougainvillea Plant:

1. In order for the bougainvillea to bloom and blossom, plant the flower in a strategic place in the yard where it will be in direct sunlight. Note that this plant goes through a vegetative period during its growth and during when flowers bud in a matter of hours.

2. Bougainvillea sits well with just any décor. As such, you should take advantage and try to incorporate as many hues as you can in the patio to complement the plant. 

3. Bougainvillea creates a focal point in the yard. This plant is a showstopper by itself and it cannot be ignored. If there is a bougainvillea bush, do not bother dragging in other dramatic elements, as this will create a sense of rivalry in the yard. 

4. If you intend to hang some string lights in the yard for lighting it up at night, run a few lanterns and hanging lights through the bougainvillea plant and watch the yard transform into a magical ambiance. The shadows cast will also add a dash of smoothness and harmony in the garden.

5. Add a bench around the bougainvillea as it creates a cool shadow in the garden, especially on those hot afternoons. 

6. Fabrics and throw pillows that rhyme with the flower petals of bougainvillea are a great way of adding appeal in the yard. Your client will be pleasantly amazed by this ingenious idea. For instance, pink petals create a tropical flair in a garden while the red ones create a versatile mood in the yard. 

7. Considering that the bloom period of the bougainvillea plant lasts for more than two months, this will automatically light up the garden with little or no effort. 

8. Repaint the outdoors to rhyme with the petals of the bougainvillea, but you have to run by your client first. If he or she gives you a nod, then try to work with the color tones in the color wheel to create the ideal ambience. 

9. Use well-designed flowerpots to hold the plant in its initial stages. Did you know that you could incorporate more than one bougainvillea in one garden? Yes, if you intend to create a controversial mix of colors, then you might want to incorporate both pink and red in one space.  

10. Hang light pieces of memorabilia on the branches of the bougainvillea plant. For instance, light pieces of framed arts and family photos. 

Advise your client to clear the debris and dry petals that fall in the yard. Note that bougainvillea is proactive in countering soil erosion, it consumes less water and it attracts butterflies in the yard, thus creating a marvelous spectacle. This plant climbs up to 30 feet and can create an appealing frame on the gate.

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