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Pathway Landscaping Tips for Beginner Exterior Designers

Pathway Landscaping Tips for Beginner Exterior Designers

As a beginner, go slow on complicated pathway landscaping ideas as they might end up frustrating you. Note that less is more. Pathways say much about a home and this explains why most homeowners want nothing short of perfect in their yards. 

Here are some ideas that are bound to put you in good books with your client:

1. Light up the Pathways

Nothing creates a welcoming ambience better than well-lit pathways at night. You do not want to have your client tripping in their compound thanks to poor lighting. Well-lit pathways have the power to create an inviting outlook. 

2. Break the Norm

When it comes to landscaping the pathway, throw away your inhibitions and bend the rules a bit. For instance, shredded bark and mulch pathways are catching up in most contemporary patios. You can incorporate a few natural materials such as shell, wood and stone for a softer outlook. Granite stepping-stones create a fescue pathway that leads toward the entry point. Purple blossoms have the power to boost the dimension and the depth to the pathway and landscape at large. 

3. Incorporate some Geometry

Use crushed rock to provide a strong geometry on the pathway. In order to create spectacular layers, try to combine the crushed rock with bluestone and watch the visual texture transform into eye candy. Anchor this design by creating rectangular designs repetitively. Alternatively, you could use ground covers and colorful perennials to create an elegant entry on the pathway. 

4. Create Stairways

Oversized steppingstones not only create built-in rest stop but also stairways. Stairways create a stepping stone in a sloped landscape. Add a bench to provide a sense of relaxation in the garden. A custom stone bench is an ideal addition.

5. Maximize on the Side Yard

A shabby side yard has the power to destroy the spectacular element in the garden. It is your duty to give the side yard the same attention that you would give the pathway. A well cared for side yard adds a sparkle in the garden. If you are trying to widen or elongate the garden space visually, you might want to add stonework pattern. 

The Importance of adding a Focal Point to the Pathway

When you are working on a garden, one of the main factors that you are keen on is enhancing it and trying to bring out the best elements. In this regard, you might want to consider the use of creating a focal point on the pathway. 

Add a few elements such as pieces of antique and memorabilia on the side yards. Use old and obsolete pieces of furniture to create a nostalgic ambience. A stone fountain will also go a long way in creating a focal point. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors that complement the entire yard. 

As a beginner in the field of exterior design, you might encounter a number of challenges but that should not deter you. Fix your eyes on the prize and learn the ropes of the industry. 

Read and research widely both physically and online all matters landscaping. Most importantly, create your own niche and do not be afraid to be different. Homeowners are tired of mundane landscaping design so make yours count.

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