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Need Garden Furniture? Here is How to Choose the Best One

Need Garden Furniture? Here is How to Choose the Best One

Garden furniture comes in different materials including, wood, metal and plastic. Each of the materials has its own definitive characteristics that make it suitable to fit in the garden. There are also pieces for all kinds of style and budget. Unlike the indoor furniture, outdoor furniture pieces are exposed to various weather elements. It becomes important to choose an item that will withstand the pressure, accentuate the space and offer the needed comfort.

What to consider when selecting garden furniture

1. Materials 

Concerning the materials for outdoor furniture, there is a long list to choose from. From metal to wood, you will find a material that suits the taste of the client. In addition, you will also find some for low budgets. Some, such as plastic come in different colors to enable you achieve various effects in the garden.

2. Resistance of the material to weather conditions

Not every material is fit to be applied in the garden. For instance, untreated wood will not survive the wet weather without giving into  rotting. It will also crack under high temperatures of summer. On the other hand, plastic garden furniture will not be suitable in exposed places. This is because they tend to fade in time and eventually give into  years of heat exposure. Hence, choose wooden furniture that is treated or go with metal furniture. 

3. The magnitude of maintenance required

Nowadays, people hardly spend even the weekends at home. Hence, your client will appreciate if you select garden furniture, which does not call for intensive maintenance and care. Wood will require staining and painting after a few months. On a weekly basis, you will need to clean it with a soft cloth and soapy water to remove any spills. If one is not ready to do all these, other choices of furniture such as metal and rattan sets will be perfect options. 

4. Does it fit?

If you think, size only matters when you are furnishing the indoors, you are certainly wrong.  When it is natural to be caught up by the beauty of a certain set, it is important to ensure that it fits perfectly in the garden. It should not fit snugly, but it must leave some space around. If you select a big furniture piece for a small garden, it will act more of an obstacle than an enhancement. 

5. How comfortable does it feel?

Outdoor spaces offer beautiful places to relax. This only happens if the garden furniture is comfortable and other outdoor aspects are outstanding. To this effect, choose comfortable seats such as recliners and add a few cushions for more comfort. Introduce parasols where there isn’t enough shade.

6. Style 

Garden furniture comes in many styles. There are contemporary outdoor furniture such as ornate metallic pieces and wicker furniture for country homes. It is important to consider the rest of the décor so that the furniture you bring complements rather than contrast the exterior design.

7. Check for storage options

Select furniture that will be easier to store. For instance, folding dinner chairs will be perfect, where there is limited space for storage during the rainy season.

Garden furniture is an integral part of the outdoors. To get the right furniture, ensure it meets the above factors to guide your selection.

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