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LED Lighting for the Garden

LED Lighting for the Garden

Lighting is an important aspect in a garden. It makes it easier for the occupants and guests to find their way in the garden effortlessly. In addition, it also illuminates every area to discourage unauthorized persons from accessing the yard. Besides, they come in various colors, to enable you to create any atmosphere you need. The beauty with them is that they do not give in to weather elements and neither do they pose problems during the installation.

Ideas for using LED lights in the garden

Solar LED lights for the landscape

Solar landscape lighting can be installed throughout the garden for illumination and aesthetic purposes. It is an inexpensive and easier way of attracting attention to various interesting landscape features in the twilight. The gentle glare of light makes the garden space more inviting, when one comes home after a rough day out at work. In addition, by illuminating the paths, you will minimize the tendency to slip or fall during winter.

Seating illumination

The good thing with LED lights is their versatility. They are made in varying designs, sizes and colors to fit different settings.  LED lighting can be applied around the garden benches, to give them a homely appeal. You can also add some lights over the furniture. For instance, having a set of LED lights to hang over the seating place under a tree will provide a romantic place for loved ones to spend some time at night. 

Securing the outdoors with LED lights

Vandals and burglars love to hide in areas with low or no illumination. LED lighting can secure the home for 24 hours, without burning out like the conventional bulbs when you need them.  They also use less power and it will take a couple of years before they need a replacement. If the budget allows, use motion sensor-empowered lights, which will keep away creeping neighbors or passersby. A few floods lights installed in various corners of the garden and at the entrance gate will give more than enough light.

Using decorative LED lights on plants

Besides illuminating spaces, light has a way of creating a wonderful atmosphere in the garden. LED strip lights can be applied on the trees, shrubs or the manicured hedges, to make the landscape more appealing. For the best results, keep off ordinary white lights and consider adding a little pizzazz with different colors. This will keep your plants visible during the day and at night.

Highlight interesting landscape features

If there is a water feature, decorative vases or any other fascinating element in the landscape, there is no better way of highlighting the feature than with LED lighting. Use colored LED lights to illuminate a transparent pot or the basin from down, giving the water some color. Use some lighting to focus on the sculpture in the garden. 

LED lighting has a way of changing the outlook of the outdoor setting. In the garden, these lights do not just illuminate the paths, but they are also a bonus to the exterior design. Besides, they are suited for outdoors and do not consume a lot of energy.

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