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Ideas to Help You Make the Biggest Impact with your Landscaping Efforts

Ideas to Help You Make the Biggest Impact with your Landscaping Efforts

It does not matter who you are, or what you are doing, you want your efforts to be noticed, and you want to get the most bang for your buck that you can get. Landscaping is a form of outdoor decorating that will permanently improve the look and value of your property. The following ideas will help you to get more of a visual impact with the work you do.

1. Hide outdoor sheds, barns, and other structures behind inviting plants. Where it is feasible, you can put brackets and shelves on the exterior of the structure to allow you to place plants like drooping ivy on. You can plant climbing vines on trellises to hide exterior sheds that might not be as attractive as you would like, and you can plant flowers along the perimeter of the building. Choose tall flowers like lilies, or choose blooming shrubs for this job.

2. Containers are a wonderful way to bring plants into an area where digging might be difficult. You can use containers, and planting pots of different heights, sizes, colors, and textures to help you introduce plants in front of buildings, along walkways, or around the perimeter of a patio or deck. When you plant in hanging basket containers, you need to put three different plants in each container to create a visual impact that is stunning. You want one plant that will spill out over the edge of the basket like a begonia. You can also use variegated sage as an interesting plant to droop over the edge of the container. Then you want a plant that fills in the gaps and spaces in the hanging basket. Kong coleus is a great choice to use to create fullness without taking away from the drooping plant. And finally you want an eye catching flower that will stun you. Pick something like purple cordyline that is full of vibrant color. You can even put posts in the area and hang the baskets from these posts. Try setting some posts in the flower bed border that edges your driveway and hang amazing baskets from these posts so people are taken away by the beauty as they drive up to the house.

3. Think the seasons through and try to plant shrubbery that will be attractive during each season. You do not want a stunning flower bed in spring that turns into a weedy mess in the late summer and fall. Mix plants so that you have an interesting assortment for each of the seasons.

4. Plan color groupings that will add to the beauty of the other plants in the bed, or container. Do not stick to the same colors, but mix purples with yellows and vibrant reds so that each color will bring out the beauty of the other colors. Mixing colors and textures create a visual impact like nothing else can.

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