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Here Is Why Landscaping is not a Simple DIY (Do It Yourself) Project

Here Is Why Landscaping is not a Simple DIY (Do It Yourself) Project

When it comes to landscaping, there is just no room for mistakes and as such, the homeowner should delegate the landscaping role to a professional exterior designer. An exterior designer advises on the noble landscaping ideas that will turn an otherwise drab outdoor into something spectacular. 

What should a designer offer clients?

1. Experience

Before committing to a landscaping designer, every client knows that it is important to check his or her years of experience. They do not want to entrust a rookie to redo their beloved patio. You should keep a portfolio of all the past projects that you have completed before to prove that you have been around for some time. 

2. Training

Put your credentials where they can be seen. Are you an arborist? Let your clients know that you will not work on their plants through trial and error method. An exterior designer must be trained for the job. A well-trained exterior designer has knowledge in various aspects that regard landscaping such as planning the patio and home designs among many more. 

3. References

Before committing to an exterior designer, every homeowner makes a point to inquire about his or her references. This lets them know without doubt whether they are dealing with a reliable and competent exterior designer. 

4. Licensing

Seeing that there is a breed of self appointed exterior designers cropping up by the day, go for all licensure as may be needed in your county or state. This is a sure way of weeding out unprofessional exterior designers. 

5. Team work

A good exterior designer should round up as a teammate.  People are not really looking to buy your services, but they are looking for a partner, a person that they can always refer to in future to get advice from about their plants. Can you be that person? Know that this will be a long term association that will see you and your clients working together. It is paramount that you display the right image when approached by a homeowner. 

What do clients expect from their exterior designers?

When one decides to hire an exterior designer to handle all their landscaping matters, their other task will be to approve the budget and the designs suggested. On the other hand, the landscaper should be in a position to give a budget for the materials required for the proposed design. 

Considering that the client will hire a professional who understands the ropes of landscaping, the exterior designer should advise the client on quality materials, contemporary designs and pocket friendly stores in town. As an exterior designer, you should also be able to offer advice on architectural preference depending on the location of the home, function and the needs of the clients.

An exterior designer should be in a position to advise a client on matters such as layout, space planning, equipment utilization and other factors regarding the exterior design factors in addition to color coordination.   

A good landscaping designer wants to get in the mind of their client, know what they need and then implement it. Landscaping can be seen and it is paramount that every project is pulled off perfectly. Home improvement magazines and other resources will be very helpful towards this.

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