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Hanging/String Lights for the Garden – Let the Party Mood Go On!

Hanging/String Lights for the Garden – Let the Party Mood Go On!

If your client is throwing a party, then hanging lights will come in handy not only in lighting the garden, but also in creating a party mood in the garden. A soft glow in the patio goes a long way to entertain the guests and encourage them to party on all night. For instance, if your client does not have a stable power source, you can hang lanterns around strategic points in the garden. 

Garden Lighting Ideas

Before embarking on the task of lighting up your client’s garden, consult with him or her and understand what kind of a mood or ambience that he/she wants in the garden. Because string lights for the garden are the most inexpensive and easiest way to cast illumination in the garden, these few tips will guide you in creating an ideal lighting in the outdoors:

1. Use seashells to create a romantic mood

Find a few oversize shells to contain hanging lights in the garden. This will create a romantic ambience. This is a wonderful idea if your client is throwing an intimate party for couples. Seashells also tend to bring a dash of the seashore right to the garden. 

2. Use Origami lanterns to create a nostalgic mood

Hang these lanterns strategically in the garden and watch it transform into a magical yet traditional ambience. For an outstanding look, hang Origami lanterns on bamboo poles and add a few ribbons for that modern-vintage outlook. 

3. Float the candles for a fun mood

Use a water-filled birdbath to hold the candles. The birdbath will form a mini fire-pit illusion. Place glass votive holders in a birdbath without water if you are setting the garden up on a windy night. This will ensure that the candles stay put and do not wobble. 

4. Solar lanterns create a festive mood

Seeing that the festive season is inching closer by the day, you will get more requests to create an ambience that trickles the festive mood and what better way than hanging solar lanterns in the garden? Solar lanterns are very fascinating as they have a built-in sensor that automatically turns on the lights once darkness falls. 

The beauty about these lanterns is that they can go on and on all the way for eight hours. In addition, solar lanterns come in various colors and this means that you can take advantage to get lanterns that complements the garden furniture. Faux lanterns, garden-glow lanterns and ribbon lanterns also play a great role in creating a festive mood. 

5. Chandeliers create a focal point

Chandeliers are multi-functional elements in the garden as they not only light up the garden but also create a focal point. If you are working on a small garden, then a ready-made chandelier such a candle chandelier is the way to go. Alternatively, you could try little white string lights or hang a chandelier over the garden table. 

If your client is throwing an outdoor party, make it your business to create excellent lighting in the garden for them. Proper illumination in the garden can enhance the mood while poor lighting affects people negatively. By considering the purpose of the party, you can pull off an ideal mood with the lighting.

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