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Edible landscaping does not mean you have to go out and purchase a farm or many acres in order to have a sustainable area for growing fruit, vegetables and other beneficial plants. Edible landscaping is also known as foodscaping or front yard farming. It consists of growing food and edible elements in all primary sections of your yard. The landscaping portion of creating an edible garden deals with the design elements of your garden and yard. Just because you are growing food to sustain yourself, it does not mean that your yard has to look like a working farm. Edible landscapes provide an alternate choice to the ordinary, traditional yard where the grass is endless and you don't have large areas designated for growing foods. The benefits for designing your own edible landscape are considerable.


Watering your yard can now provide you with a sense or purpose. You won't feel as if you are wasting water by only watering your grass, which really has no beneficial purposes that will sustain you. Instead you will be watering lush fruits, hardy vegetables and aromatic herbs. Wasting money on water will no longer be an issue. There is no waste when you are watering for a constructive reason.

In designing an edible landscape, you are growing necessary foods for you and your family. As many people are trying to support farmers and buy local produce, you can now be that farmer. You can produce your own fresh, organic and healthy foods. Feed you family the best of the best. And you can be 100% certain of the processes it took to grow your food. You will know for certain that there were no harsh chemicals added to speed up the process of growing or bulk up the size of your vegetables. Purchase non-GMO seeds for an even more organic product.

When you place certain vegetables, fruits and herbs, even flowers, in your garden, you will attract insects that are beneficial to the habitat you have created, as well as the earth as a whole. Bees are extremely necessary to have around as they make the ability to grow possible. Consider keeping your own bees as another option for producing your own food. Not only will you surely have bees around, but you will also get fresh honey from a known and local source. Aside from bees, you will also be attracting butterflies and birds to your yard. Wouldn't it be a pleasure to relax in your edible yard and watch the colorful butterflies flutter around? How about sitting and listening to the songs of the birds creating a relaxing atmosphere?

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