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Aside from their aesthetic abilities, evergreen trees are used for distinct purposes when you are involved in landscape design. A great feature of evergreen trees is that they never lose their leaves as many other kinds of trees do in the winter. This allows you to always have some level of greenery to look out on. You never have to be without a lovely landscape when you incorporate evergreen trees into your landscape.


There are several different intentions that evergreens have. You can use them to create a sense of privacy in your yard. For this purpose, you should choose a type of evergreen tree that will grow quickly. Another way to use evergreen trees in landscape design is to place them as a border around your home. Choosing a tall variety wouldn't be a good idea in this case. Instead, choose something that will grow smaller into its mature state. When you plant evergreens around your home, you create a natural frame that adds more substance to your environment.


Here are some of the more popular types of evergreens to use in your landscape design.


1) Leyland Cypress


These trees create a wonderful source of privacy and screening around your property. They would make a great natural fence bordering your land. You can space them out as far apart as you wish. These trees grow rather quickly, which makes them great for privacy purposes. The Leyland Cypress requires a growing environment that contains no shade. They need adequate watering and full sun to mature into a beautiful addition to your landscape.


2) Green Giant Arborvitae


This evergreen tree is also a quick maturing tree. It is also used as a natural screen for privacy around your yard because of this feature. When you plant quick-growing evergreen trees around the edge of your yard, you will automatically have a natural fence throughout the year. You don't have to worry about losing your privacy when the leaves start to fall off the trees in the Autumn. It is best to place these trees several feet apart, not too far yet not too close. This will provide you with the maximum amount of privacy as they grow into mature trees. They will also get quite tall, so be mindful of where you plant them. You don't want to risk blocking out the sun for the rest of your landscape.


3) Norway Spruce


If you choose to integrate the Norway Spruce into your landscape design, you won't be sorry. As you may have a garden you rely on for sustenance, you have to protect it from destructive wildlife, such as deer. Deer can be a never-ending problem for many gardeners. Norway Spruce is known to be a wonderful deer repellant. As these tend to mature into very tall and wide trees, you should create the landscaping so that they are in relevant locations to the rest of the plants in your yard. You don't want to have them overpower anything else, but simply have them provide privacy and shade where needed.


4) Douglas Fir


One of the most popular evergreens is the Douglas Fir. They have rich green, soft needles and grow very tall. Again, they are another great evergreen for natural screening around your yard. If you place them farther apart, they will mature into a wider tree and be perfect for providing enough privacy when you are designing your landscape.


Aside from the above mentioned, there are so many more types of evergreen trees you can choose from. Do some research and determine what is the best types you can incorporate into your landscape. Which ones will serve the best purposes in the look you are going for? Discover what evergreen tree will work for you. Remember, you don't have to choose just one. Mix them up to create a gorgeous scene to cherish for a long time.

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