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5 Great Landscaping Plant Ideas

5 Great Landscaping Plant Ideas

There are so many plant varieties out there that a landscaper may be overwhelmed when asked to choose the best plants or flowers for their client. However, they will never go wrong if they settle on one of these five choices.


Lantana is one of the best flowers to plant in any yard or garden. This is because it is extremely heat tolerant, meaning that the client will not need to provide extra water for it during the summer months. They are also very insect and disease tolerant. This has made them very easy to maintain, and are perfect for clients who want a beautiful yard but do not have the time commitment to maintain it. The Luscious Citrus Blend is very bright and exciting, and it will add a pop of color to any landscape.


A lot of individuals like plants that can attract non-invasive insects, such as butterflies, to their yard or garden. The Buddleia is great for this. However, most varieties tend to grow a lot, and the size can be a problem. The blue chip variety is an exception as it does not grow beyond three feet in height. Furthermore, it does not spread beyond three feet. This variety is sterile, and this means that it will not seed. It is also very versatile and easy to grow; it can be planted in a garden or in a container.


Lobularia has always been a great plant for cool weather. It is very cold tolerant and vigorous. It actually thrives when temperatures are cool. In the past, people were afraid of having this plant because it would fry when the temperatures were higher. However, now there are varieties, such as the Snow Princess, that are also very heat tolerant. Additionally, it is very easy to take care of, and it has a nice fragrance. This has made it the ideal landscaping plant for areas that have very diverse climatic conditions.


These are beautiful flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. They are self-cleaning and very vigorous. They are also drought resistant. Furthermore, they are quite tough and very easy to take care of. The Supertunia Vista variety is an example of a great option to plant in any yard. They can be planted in landscapes or in containers, and they are perfect for making a statement as they are very beautiful.


This is a great dense plant that looks excellent in both containers and landscapes. The Artist Blue variety is the ideal type of plant for individuals who love true blue flowers on their landscape. It is quite heat tolerant, meaning that it will bloom wonderfully throughout the warm summer months. It is very easy to maintain and only needs some compost for nutrition. It only requires a small amount of supplemental water if the area where it is planted is too dry. However, most of the time, a normal amount of rain water is enough to sustain it. 

Most of the varieties mentioned above have been used in different plant trials in order to establish just how easy they are to maintain. Therefore, a landscaper can never go wrong with any of these plants for their clients’ landscapes or gardens.

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