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Using Exterior Rugs To Embellish Outdoor Living Spaces

Using Exterior Rugs To Embellish Outdoor Living Spaces

Exterior area rugs are both utilitarian and beautiful. With their various colors, sizes, shapes and patterns, they complement the outdoors very well. You can use them anywhere in the outdoor rooms such as under a table on the patio, at the entrance and under the seats. These rugs can also cover flooring that has a fair share of imperfections. Use them to cover dents on the floor surface while accentuating the area.

What to consider when selecting outdoor rugs

1. Material 

Most outdoor rugs are made of natural or synthetic materials. As an exterior designer, you should know that different area rugs have been varying uses. Hence, it is important to pick the right material for a particular setting. For instance, an entrance rug should be made of very strong material that will withstand the high foot traffic. In addition, some materials will not be fit for the outdoor spaces.

2. Maintenance and care 

Outdoor spaces are exposed to dust and so are everything else you place in the area. You should have that in mind when selecting a rug for various exterior spaces. With the busy lifestyles people lead today, look for outdoor rugs, which will demand minimal maintenance. Look also for rugs that will not fade over time from long exposure in the sun among other weather elements.

3. Usage

Outdoor rugs can serve many purposes. First, they offer warmth and comfort to the feet. If you are selecting area rugs for the patio, then go for a puffy outdoor rug. On the entrance and any other area with high traffic, go with natural or rubber area rugs. This is an important consideration since it will save the homeowner some hours of care and maintenance.

4. Style

One of the core functions of outdoor rugs is accentuating the exterior living areas. There are many outdoor rugs of varying colors and styles. Select an area rug that has a color and pattern to go with the furniture and the flooring of the deck or the front porch. Preferably, use vibrant colors to contrast the neutral hues, which are a characteristic of the outdoors.

Tips on how to decorate with outdoor rugs

For exterior designers, every aspect of the exterior must do more than just be functional. To begin with, use different sizes of outdoor rugs to cover various places. Play with the various shapes to achieve the effect that you want. Remember also to consider the place you are decorating. Use outdoor rugs that are commensurate to the space you are working on. For instance, it will not be a good idea to place a large area rug in a restrained patio. 

For patio outdoor rugs, consider selecting patterns that will match with the flooring and the cushions.

Outdoor rugs add beauty and color to the exterior living spaces. Their large variety makes it easier to find them and fit in any exterior design. It is important to consider whether the outdoor rug is fit for the place you intend to apply it. With the high exposure to dust and dirt, some materials will not be suitable. Choosing a material that will stand the test of time is paramount.

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