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How to Decorate the Front Door and Entryways

How to Decorate the Front Door and Entryways

Nothing creates an inviting look for the exterior of any home than the entryway. The entryway should make guests feel welcome to your home. In addition, it should blend with the landscape and the fa├žade, to create the curb appeal you desire. These projects can be cheaper with a few simplistic additions or expensive with pricey decorative elements. It all depends on the preferences and the budget of the client. Here is how to go about it.

Start right at the beginning of the front walkway. Add a garden arch. This will create a formal appearance but also an appealing look to the guests as they enter your property. Accompany the arch with a picket fence or just let it to stand alone. To add some romance to the theme, use climbing vines and flowers to accessorize the arch.

 Secondly, proceed to make a practical and beautiful walkway. It will be the most used path, both by the family and the guests. Hence, it should reflect beauty and practicability. The materials you decide to use will make a difference in its appearance and safety. For instance, if you want the same front way to blend with the landscape, use the same material all the way from the front porch to the walkway itself.

On either side of the pathway, use plants to give a natural look. Well-manicured plants beds are popular features along entryways. Alternatively, you can introduce, interesting selection of plants on either side of the front way.  Now to the space near the front door, it needs to be nothing but the best. It is the main area, where guests will wait, before you usher them in. Hence, it must have the capability to trap their attention. 

Depending on the size of the space, introduce a set of outdoor furniture. The choice of the furniture you will lay out here will depend on the design of the home. For instance, for a cottage or a country home, find wicker furniture or any other antique pieces. Furniture for the entryway may include a few seats, a small table and a bench with some cushions. Again, this will depend on the space available. 

The front door will also benefit from a couple of potted plants. You can keep them on both sides of the door. This will make it more welcoming, while creating a transition between your landscape and your home. Lighting can also make a difference in the entryway. If the path is long, you can use lampposts to illuminate the path during the night. An overhanging chandelier over the front porch will also add elegance and glamour to the exterior designer.

Lastly, use a decorative area rug to welcome your guests. Rugs come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. However, choose one that is suited for areas with high traffic. Overall, decorating the front door and entryway does not call for a lot of work and resources. It is the most inexpensive and easy exterior design project. 

With the above ideas, nothing can deter you from creating an attractive entryway. Front doors also say a lot about the interiors of the home. Hence, work towards making them more inviting. The bottom line is, make the front space, comfortable and lovely enough, for guests to pause and enjoy the rest of the exterior design.

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