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First impressions: Top exterior design ideas

First impressions: Top exterior design ideas

Besides your home being efficient, structurally sound and able to do the job, your home is certainly much more than this. This is where your family and friend gather to make new memories and share the good and bad things in life. A good home is one that is well infused with your unique personality, charm and style. For most people, the interior of their house seems to be much more important than the exterior which in most cases is made to fade at the back of mind. Ideally speaking, exterior design offers a fantastic opportunity of getting to introduce yourself to all your personal preferences and making your entire neighborhood looks awesome and sparkling.

Current day’s exterior design market actually has a wide range of options which can certainly fit any personality. For instance, color has been flooding this arena and inspiring homeowners while improving the curb appeal in an awesome way. As you plan the exterior of your home, there are so many things that you need to consider such as colors, railings, trim, roofs and doors. Using more colors is recommended for homes with great exterior details. If you for instance have a colonial style home, it would be better for you to finish it with reminiscent, soft neutrals which capture the era at its best while at the same time defining the details. Most people who own Victorian homes usually swath them with multiple and rather unusual colors which gives the intricate details a spotlight.

For the traditional designs, these ones can essentially be decorated with stone which could either be synthetic or natural and this can greatly capture the historic charm of the home. Brick exterior gives one countless options as they can combine different brick colors as well as colored cement for mortar joints and this can certainly have an amazing impact. While no real restrictions actually exist as to the colors that must be utilized with a certain style, it is however worthy noting that other rules exist as well regarding home exteriors. So, even though color is the top priority as far as building your home is concerned, you will also need to consider other things as well if you want your exterior to look at its best at all times.

For starters, cleaning and sealing regularly will do a great job in ensuring that your driveways don’t look worn out while at the same time enhancing the beauty of your home. Functional objects like door handles and mailboxes are usually highly overlooked when it comes to curb appeal and this is something that you should really avoid. Whether ornate or plain, you should be certain that all of them are clean, sturdy and most importantly, undamaged. It is also important that you trim your lawn edges from time to time so that you can create some clean lines and even define the walkways. Cleaning the exterior of your home regularly will help a lot in ensuring that the task doesn’t become time consuming and overwhelming. Finally, those plantings at the front part of your home need to be trimmed and kept at their best shape always.

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