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DIY Exterior painting tips for your home

DIY Exterior painting tips for your home

Hiring a professional to paint your house exterior can really cost you a fortune and as such, it is important that you consider doing it yourself. Fortunately, you will be thrilled to know that there are so many options available at your disposal when you are thinking about painting your home and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the look and attractiveness of your home. To start with, getting software package for home exterior design can really help a lot especially in estimating the area that needs painting, quantity of materials to be used and even get an idea of the kind of outcome that you should expect. Actually, if you are thinking about paying the house all by yourself, it is important that you start first by doing a test on a small area of the house before you finally proceed on to paint the rest of the house.

As you are painting the test area, you will need to do exactly what should be replicated to the rest of the house. To start with, clean the surface and then sand it and then do any kind of scraping required. Apply the first coat of the paint and allow it to dry for about a week or so and then check how it looks in different lights. Latex based paints are increasingly becoming popular nowadays and there are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to use the paint. This paint tends to dry rather quickly, but you should remember that the paint isn’t long lasting as such. The paint tends to bond perfectly well with stripping and also breathes well while making the moisture leave the wood.

Using this kind of paint to decorate the exterior of your home is incredibly attractive and moreover, it tends to clean really well and all that you need is detergent and water. These can be put on easily using a synthetic ruler such as a nylon roller and there are also synthetic bristle brushes that can get the job done perfectly well. Using natural fiber brushes is something that you should avoid doing since latex paint doesn’t have good spread-ability as such. Another option worthy considering is using oil based paints which are preferred by many as they are long lasting and can be able to bring out the best out of your home’s exterior. Such paint is a great choice for doors, porches or trims, but you must remember that the paint can be a little hectic when it comes to cleaning.

Before you start painting the exterior of your home, it is important that you start by cleaning the area thoroughly if you want to achieve great results. Sanding should also be used where necessary for perfect results, and putty should also be used in the cracks as well. Paint your house at a time when the weather is moderate and there is low humidity. Doing so will help make your home an incredibly attractive site and everyone will certainly make notice of your home thanks to its unique look and attractiveness.

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