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What Else Can Your Smartphone Control Aside From Opening the Lock?

What Else Can Your Smartphone Control Aside From Opening the Lock?


You can use your Smartphone to open your smart lock in your smart home. However, what else can it do in your intelligent home?

What the Smartphone can do: make coffee, control the oven and the washers

Make your favorite cup of coffee using your Smartphone. All you need to do is to place a cup on the metal disk below the faucet, choose your drink using your phone and your coffee is done. Just ensure that you have the Top Brewer machine from Scanomat for that to happen. If you have a wall oven with GE profile and Brillion technology, then you should not stress yourself with standing up to turn it on, to set the timer or preheat. You can do this using your Smartphone. Each individual oven can also be controlled separately, which helps to save energy.

Your Smartphone can help you to do smart washing. Control the functions of the Whirlpool washers by setting schedules for washing and drying. Furthermore, activating alerts will ensure that you get texts if there are problems with the washer such as water pressure being low. To make this possible, the washers come with sixth sense technology.

What the Smartphone can do: know when to sprinkle, adjust hot tub, monitor baby and feed pets


Tired of monitoring when to sprinkle the garden and lawn? Let your Smartphone do it for you. What you will need is the Cyber Rain system and your iPhone. The system can also check the weather by connecting to the Internet helping it to adjust the watering pattern. You do not even need to change the sprinkler system that you have except for the timer. You do not want to get out of the hot tub to raise its temperature due to the cold outside? If you have a Smartphone and OnSpa, then do not worry about it. All you need to do is to reach out for your phone and do the rest. With the system, you can set the hot tubs temperature, operate the jets and stream music, all while using Bluetooth.

Use your computer or Smartphone to monitor your baby. The Wi-Fi baby monitor works by installing a camera above the crib and connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. With this, you can see your baby from a computer or a Smartphone that has Internet connection. The night vision ensures that you can see the baby even at night. Ever thought of feeding pets with your Smartphone? The petnet feeder allows you to adjust the pet feeding, track the intake of calories by the pet on a regular basis while comparing the statistics with other pets, all by using your phone. This is one of the latest smart gadgets in the market that are changing what can be done with phones. Phones have evolved a lot to the extent of being our companions in performing various tasks in the home. Most smart home products are making use of Smartphones for controlling purposes. This is giving the user the ability to control their intelligent homes no matter where they are.




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