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A Smartphone for a Smart Home- let it help you to monitor your home

A Smartphone for a Smart Home- let it help you to monitor your home

Your Smartphone can do more than connect you to the Internet, offer storage for your favorite songs, or even keep you busy when you are traveling.  With the right applications, the Smartphone can become the companion you never had. In this age, where home appliances and gadgets, are changing every day, it is possible to have all the occurrences at home, within your reach.  Those devices with computer chips in them can be connected to the phone, through Wi-Fi connectivity, which can transform your house into a smart home.

Smart ways of using a Smartphone in your home

Thermostats- For those who are always updated, chances are that you have heard the buzz going round about Nest.  The thermostat is a definitive feature in iPods. The small temperature regulator features Wi-Fi connectivity and comes with an iPhone application.  With this, it implies that one can control the temperature of their home, regardless of where they are. You can use your home to turn off the thermostat and get it started some minutes before you come home. Nest will reduce your energy consumption as well as making you a smart home.

Motion-sensor security cameras- Do you travel often. Motion-activated security cameras are all you need to rest your worries anytime you are not home.  The market has various applications, coupled with top-class security cameras, which can enable one to view every corner of their home, right from their Smartphone. The cameras do not record anything, until it senses some movement and alerts you through the phone.

Automated security system

Forget about the old security systems, which have their control panel in the garage or the master bedroom. With the mobile computing technology, you can operate your smart home, by using your Smartphone. This will reduce the possibility of the burglars to alter the security settings of your home.  From your phone, you can give your neighbor a digital key, to give your pet food, which will be in use for a short while, after which you can deactivate it.

Improved lighting

Lighting is a necessity, but it can also be a challenge, when controlling it.  However, it is possible to install lights and lamps, which can be dimmed, changed color or even put off, with just a tap on your Smartphone.

Feed your pet at any time

With a busy schedule, it is almost impossible to feed your dog or cat, at the specified times. Instead of having to hire somebody to tend your pet, an automated pet feeder, which depends on your command through the phone, will be perfect. The technology composes of a food dispenser and a camera, to give you a view of the dog as it feeds.

Smart door keys

It is 2014; hence, having a conventional lock and key, does not auger well with this technology era. You can upgrade your lock and key, which will rest all your anxieties, when you are out of town. You get to see the doors that are unlocked, at any given time, from the device. Furthermore, you can make temporary keys, for people who visit for only a short time. Most importantly, you can stop carrying a burdensome bunch of keys. Your Smartphone is pricey; let it pay you back, by using it to make a smart home.

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