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What to do to avoid being disappointed with a home warranty

What to do to avoid being disappointed with a home warranty

When taking a home warranty, one hopes that the high cost of repairing appliances and systems is gone. These home protection plans are also taken by home sellers to protect the buyer from having to incur the cost of repair when they have not stayed in the house for long. Despite the warranty providing peace of mind, there are instances when disappointments can come in. This is because you did not get what you had expected from the warranty provider. Below are some tips that can help you avoid the disappointments.

Read and understand the contract

When getting into the contract, make sure that you understand the fine print. The terms of the contract stipulate what is covered and what the service provider can repair and replace. Different providers have differing coverage with some appliances being covered and others being left out. You may have to pay extra to have your swimming pool covered for repairs while using a particular provider while another provider may include it in the package. It is advisable that before you settle on a particular provider of home protection plan, you should search around and find the one that fits your needs.

Read and understand which systems and appliances are covered and what can be repaired or replaced. This will prevent disappointments in the future when the warranty company fails to repair or replace an item you thought was covered. In some cases, you may not have much choice especially if you buy a home and find that it already has a home warranty. However, you can change afterwards after the one-year contract expires.

Meet other required conditions

For a provider to honor the warranty and fix your systems and appliances there are some conditions that should be met. The appliances and systems should be maintained well, they should be in good working condition and the wear and tear should be normal. Ensure that the systems and appliances are well maintained because lack of proper maintenance can cause the warranty company to fail to make the repairs or to replace.The item covered must be in good working condition when being covered. This means that if your appliance or system is found to have been faulty before taking the coverage, it cannot be repaired or replaced. If the wear and tear is not usual on an appliance or a system, it may form ground for the reason why the provider will not repair it. The same case applies if there is improper installation.

Having a home warranty ensures that you have peace of mind such that you will not incur huge costs when your system or appliance breaks down. This is not always the case because sometimes the service provider may fail to repair your appliances or system for various reasons. Some of the causes being that the service in question is not covered by the contract, the item was faulty, has not been maintained, or it was not installed properly. Therefore, it is your role to ensure that as you look for a service provider, find out about how other customers have rated it. Check the items covered and those that are not. Make sure that you meet the required conditions so that the company can honor the warranty.

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