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What Kind Of Home Warranty Does A Real Estate Professional Need?

What Kind Of Home Warranty Does A Real Estate Professional Need?

Home warranty is important for buyers, sellers as well as the real estate agents. Since the estate agents are mostly involved in buying or selling, their work becomes easier when the property owner has a home warranty. This is because buyers are likely to go for properties with a home warranty plan. Nobody wants to start paying for the repairing and replacing of equipments and appliances, when they are barely over the blow of the property purchase. Hence, a home warranty ensures the real estate agent sells the property fast. It is also a form of quality assurance.

How does a real estate professional benefit from a home warranty?

1. Save time and enable you to move to your next deal- The beauty of the home warranty plan is that it ensures the property stands out in the listings. It also attracts buyers and in particular, the first time buyers. This in turn becomes a bonus for the real estate professional since the transaction continues without hurdles. Furthermore, the home warranty caters for repairs that may come during the closing. It saves time for you to finalize the deal and proceed to the next transaction.

2. Eliminates the chances of being called after closing- Mostly, disputes arise when repairs or needs for replacement arise soon after closing the deal. The buyer has the right to call you for repairs. When there is a home warranty in place, it takes care of post-closing costs and you are unlikely to be involved once you have executed the closing. This means that you can channel your efforts and time to other deals.

3. Enables you to build a good rapport with your clients and get new ones through referrals- One thing that a real estate professional does is to be there for their clients. They provide financial advice, take on the negotiations, and ensure the paperwork goes as required. Hence, if there is a home warranty plan in place, they will sell the property fast. Buyers or sellers will not mind working with somebody who has a good record. 

4. Ensures handsome commissions- For investors, one reason why they want a home warranty plan is to increase their resale value. If a real estate agent is selling this kind of property, they are guaranteed higher gains. 

5. Lastly, a home warranty keeps you at ease with the new buyers. Most of the buyers want only to hear of properties that have a home warranty plan. In property selling, you represent the seller and the buyer is likely to gain confidence in you and is convinced about the financial security of the deal. 

6. If you have rental property, renters are more assured of comfort if they live in a home that has a warranty. If something breaks down, they are sure it will be repaired or replaced in the shortest time possible. 

If you are new in the real estate market, you might not understand the importance of a home warranty. However, for those who have been in the business long enough, they know how vital it is. A home warranty ensures that breakdowns do not prevent you from closing a deal when you are selling property.

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