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What Does A Homeowner’s Home Warranty Cover?

What Does A Homeowner’s Home Warranty Cover?

Home warranty is an asset to homeowners, buyers, sellers and even to the real estate professionals. The main benefit of a home warranty is the coverage it offers to the systems and the appliances in the property. 

For homeowners, it is a relief since most of the maintenance and replacement costs are taken care of. Home warranty plans vary depending on the items they cover, the provider and the kind of plan that one buys. Any additional coverage will command an extra cost. All the same, most home warranties will cover major appliances, plumbing and electrical systems, heating and cooling systems.  

Here are a few of the items that a home warranty covers:

1. Major appliances

Most will cover valuable appliances including the built-in dishwasher, refrigerator and stove. Some plans will also take into account the trash compactor, garbage disposal, or built-in microwave. Others will extend their coverage to the dryer and washer, as well as the ceiling fans. If a refrigerator breaks down, the home warranty provider will chip in, and depending on the damage, they will either repair or replace.

2. Electrical and plumbing systems

As long as the provider ascertains that the electrical and plumbing systems were installed appropriately, they will be covered.  For instance, if you bought an old house, a home warranty prevents you from spending money on the costs of repair and replacement.

3. Heating and cooling systems

Repairing heating and cooling system costs a lot of money, particularly when it becomes a routine. This is why, a home warranty cover, is very important. Usually, it covers the built-in air conditioners and furnaces, including ductwork, but it does not extend to the portable air conditioners and heaters.

4. Additional coverage

Although most home warranties will cover the items mentioned above, a few will allow for some extra items such as bathtubs and toilets, as well as intercoms. Sometimes, they can cover damages to doors, walls, or windows.

What is not covered?

It is important to know the extent to which the home warranty cover will reach. This way, you will know whether to take an additional coverage for the left-out items. Some of the items, which are not covered in the home warranty plan, include outdoor equipments such as sprinklers. Faucet repairs and replacement on refrigerator, garage, washers and dryers door openers are covered too. Others include spa, pools, or hallways, unless you ask for an additional coverage. 

The home warranty provider will only cover the repairs and replacements, if they do not realize cases of improper maintenance, code violations, improper initial installation, and unusual wear and tear. If you feel that their inspection is not real, you can lodge a dispute with the company, after which they will look at the problem again and assess whether you qualify for the coverage. That is why a good real estate representative is important since they will take over the dispute resolution process and notify you when the matter is fully resolved. However, you are not guaranteed that the case will go your way. To avoid such conflicting issues, take care of your appliances and systems.

A home warranty cover can exempt you from paying hefty fees on maintenance and repair of systems and appliances in your home. Different plans in the market cover varying items and that’s why it is important to learn what each offers and choose the one that matches your needs and budget.

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