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Who needs a bag in their vacuum cleaner?

Who needs a bag in their vacuum cleaner?

It is a fact that a bagless vacuum cleaner is by far the most popular choice in the UK today. However, against popular belief, it is not necessarily true that a bagless vacuum cleaner performs better than its bagged vacuum counterpart.What is more, a bagged vacuum may also be the better choice if you or anyone in your household is afflicted with asthma or suffers with an allergy against dust. What is certain is that choosing what you buy to help you clean your home, it is best to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of bag versus bagless vacuum cleaners, and it is not easy.


A bit of history first

The earliest bagged domestic vacuum cleaners were manufactured by William H. Hoover in 1908. Over the past 106 years, these machines have evolved significantly, as you might have imagined, and todaybagged vacuum cleaners retain considerable advantages over their bagless vacuum alternatives – even though the former are by no means as popular as they once were anymore.With a bag installed vacuum cleaners are definitely more hygienic. They do not expose users to dust when they are being emptied. This makes them ideal for those of us who suffer from asthma and dust related allergies.


Bag vacuum cleaners also require lower maintenance than their bag less competitors. There is little need to clean the filters on a regular basis – which is good because these can often be hard to find.


On analysis, though, the main downsides of a bag vacuum cleaner is:
·    As the bag fills its performance can deteriorate significantly
·    It’s not always the easiest thing to tell when a bag is full - although some bagged cleaners are now fitted with indicator lights that tell users when the bag is full
·    Bagged vacuum cleaners need to have replacement bags


The case for bagless

A lot of people think bag less vacuums are a relatively new thing but in fact bagless vacuums were around a lot earlier. Back before the 1980s, for example, the Kirby vacuum used bagless features. The Kirby manufacturers quit this practice though because they were so messy. The bag unit had to be taken off to put the dirt in the rubbish. Also over time the bag’s filtration would become clogged with dirt so users had to wash the cloth bag in their washing machines. 


However, there is no doubt that the popularity of modern bagless vacuum cleaners has exploded in the last decade. This is probably because they offer some considerable advantages including:
·    Not requiring any replacement bags, which saves money and is considered better for the environment
·    Enabling people to see the dirt and debris as it is picked up, ensuring suction is not likely to be lost because you can easily see when the bin is becoming full Bagless vacuum cleaners do, however, have disadvantages too and these can be summed up as being:
·    Some of them need to have their filters cleaned regularly if they are to continue working at peak performance
·    They expose users to dust when they are being emptied
·    They can be much more expensive to buy

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