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Kitting out your kitchen with the best gadgets

Kitting out your kitchen with the best gadgets

Fitting out a kitchen can be daunting. This is especially the case if you are still relying on that ragtag collection you put together when you still at college.But whether starting from scratch or much further down the road here are som,e thoughts about items that could make your life easier.Here are five gadgets that are bound to set you seeking to find your inner chef even after the hardest day's work.


A Food Processor

Once only seen in the best-stocked kitchens, food processors have become more affordable and much  easier to use. The key to making your choice of the correct food processor for you is to hunt out one at your budget point that offers the acceptable mix of safety, efficiency, versatility and good looks. Size very much does matter; none of us wants a monstrosity too large for your cupboards and cabinets taking up far too much valuable space on your kitchen surfaces counter.


A Meat Tenderizer

Some cuts of meat, even those that are superior, benefit from a bit of bashing and pounding to break down muscle fibers and make them even more easy to digest and tender. The Jaccard Meat Tenderizer makes sure that even the poorer meat cuts are juicy and tender.Featuring 45 stainless steel blades the device can be used on all meat types, including chicken, beef, lamb and fish. Meat cooks up to 40% quicker when it has been tenderized. It also absorbs marinades better.


An Electric Scale

For many years scales have been used in Europe's kitchens where recipes refer to weights in metric numbers.Electronic scales are now so much more accurate than measuring spoons and cups. Using scales also cuts down on the dishes — because you can measure everything in one bowl. The Salter Stainless Steel Electronic Scale is a must have because of its light-weight, sleek design. It is also easy to use and is aesthetically pleasing so can be left on the kitchen top.


The Chef's Knife

Use a chef's knife properly sharpened and you will wonder why you were struggling for so many years. The one to choose is a MAC 8-Inch Professional Hollow Edge Chef's Knife. Manufactured in Japan, this piece of kit is razor-sharp and is bound to stay that way because of the way it is tempered. The durable, dimpled blade performs admirably because it is crafted from an alloy of high carbon, molybdenum and vanadium steel.


A top-of-the range Espresso machine

As any Italian will tell you, there is little to beat putting you on your feet with  a robust coffee before heading off to work in the morning and taking a hit from a strong coffee when you get home after a hard day. With the Rancilio Silvia Version 3 Espresso Machine - a top-of-the-range machine is knoiwn for its reliability. it has a brass-boiler and a steam wand that is commercial-grade and so rarely seen in a home coffee maker.

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