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It’s been coming for a while but it is now a fact: Vinyl is cool again.

It’s been coming for a while but it is now a fact: Vinyl is cool again.

It has now been reported that sales of vivyl records have reached an 18-year high. The figure for sales has passed the one million mark for the first time in 18 years. If you are one of those driving this much appreciated revival then you must be sorely tempted to keep the dust off your EPs and LPs and listen to them as often as possible.


Well here are some of the best turntables on the market. Spin on.

This is not as easy to cart about as your smartphone, but this record player, which is available for £79 from online gift retailer Cuckoo land, will allow you to spin discs just about anywhere you travel. It's bound in leatherette and made of wood. The case comes with two speakers built-in, and records can be played at three speeds – 45, 33, and 78 RPM. It is also possible to convert vinyl music to digital using supplied stick and USB port.

It costs £330 from Flex son,but it adds a new spin to the SONOS system because it can be paired via a SONOS CONNECT or PLAY:5 speaker. Records can be streamed around your home. If you don't SONOS, this is not a problem. The player can be plugged directly into pretty much any good hi-fi system or speaker. Just spin your disk  and , because of an excellent digital-to-analogue converter, the sounds will  sound special. If you really can't shrug off your digital obsession the player can be linked to a computer so you can create digital copies if you must.

From music system maker Linn has now achieved iconic status in the hi-fi world. This is mainly down to the fact that every component is being improved continually. This means that upgraded parts can be bought for every single player that has been manufactured since as long ago as 1972.The senior product design engineer at Linn Products, David Williamson, is in no doubt as to why vinyl players are regaining their popularity. He believes the older generation has been rediscovering music through its ability to mass-download MP3s. This has prompted them to dig out the boxes of old vinyl they collected in their youth but then stuffed in the attic.Meanwhile Williamson believes youngsters who have seen LPs in TV shows, think they are cool.This player does not come cheap as you may expect. Its retail price ranges from £2,700 for the Majik Sondek LP12, but can reach £25,000 for the whisky plinth 40th Anniversary Sondek LP12.

4.    The AT-LP120USB turntable
This is considered great for cool dudes. At £279 it would not look out of place at a nightclub. It has a quality aluminum platter and black gloss finish .
Because we are now in the 21st Century the device is capable of converting analogue discs to MP3 files when the turntable is connected it to a PC or Mac with the USB cable. It also comes with Audacity software that enables the user to remove crackle and hiss as well as adjusting the equalizer when old records are being converted.

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