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Energy efficient house- know your options for renewable energy sources

Energy efficient house- know your options for renewable energy sources

As the world continues to fight the ever serious issue of climatic change, there has been a great campaign for people to adopt renewable energy sources due to the many benefits associated with them. This mainly aims at reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and renewable energy has been seen as one of the best ways of achieving this. When you are trying to have an energy efficient house and enjoy the incredible benefits that come with it, it is good that you know the various sources of renewable energy available at your disposal so that you can take full advantage of them.
Hydroelectric power

It is no secret that hydro power is reputed as being the single largest source for renewable energy. In fact, the energy generating capacity of hydro power will just surprise you and as a homeowner, using hydroelectric power is a serious decision that you should make. The water that comes from waterfalls and rivers are usually released through the turbines for energy production. Even though this energy technology isn’t pollutant as such, there is a likelihood that the marine life can be harmed by it not to mention that it isn’t a cheap source of energy as such.


About 11 percent of renewable energy in the world is biomass derived and for people interested in saving the environment from pollution, this is definitely very good news. Biomass is usually taken from various industrial processing of wood and forestry products, construction, solid waste and agriculture. When these biodegradable materials get converted into gas, they produce energy which has less sulfur dioxide thus environmentally friendly.

Wind energy

Even though wind energy might not be popular as such, it is still one of the best sources of renewable energy out there. Production of energy using wind usually involves the bland being rotated by wind and this is one of the best sources of energy you can rely on to have an energy efficient house. The turbine’s size usually determines the energy capacity and the small ones are essentially used for powering households, ranches and farms. The only downside associated with wind technology in energy production is that besides being noisy, installing it can be quite expensive as well.

Geothermal energy

Besides being incredibly reliable, geothermal energy has become a top favorite for many since this is an incredibly cost effective source of energy. Steam that occurs naturally below the earth’s surface is used for production of this type of energy.

Nowadays, the government has been encouraging homeowners to install solar panels at their homes so that they can take full advantage of this type of electricity. Solar energy is not only a clean source of energy, but it is also incredibly cheap and highly affordable in most households today. Solar panels will enable you to have an energy efficient house very easily and get to reap the numerous benefits that come with it. Any of these types of renewable energy sources is certainly worthy considering depending on what you can possibly afford and the availability of the energy.

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