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Why Celebrity Homes Are Stupid

Why Celebrity Homes Are Stupid

2014 was a great year for the real estate market, especially for celebrities. Dr. Dre, a multi-millionaire rapper and business man, recently bought a $40 million house from Tom Brady in Los Angeles. The news also said that he put up another one of his homes back in June 2014 for $35 million, also in Los Angeles. The homes of the mega rich are lavishly gorgeous. Not only are they large, but often times these homes are in beautiful locations of the city that offers a fantastic view. While these celebrities are living nice and large, there is a good reason for why celebrity homes are stupid.


All Of This For What?

One in a while, we will turn on the news and hear of a extremely rich celebrity purchasing a very expensive home. There is a good reason for why this is foolish. Many celebrities do not have a smart business sense---they simply buy large homes because they can, without regard for the value they’ve invested in with their money. In other words, they should be smarter about their real estate decisions. Money is not forever and celebrities are only rich when they continue to work. When you factor in old age, poor spending, and a variety of other factors, money can be depleted very fast.

What this also means is that celebrities should do a little more research when purchasing a home instead of simply buying it because they can afford it. If they make better business decisions, then the large home they buy will hopefully appreciate in value. With this, that means that celebrities are earning more than what they have paid for, and this is always encouraged.


Too Much Room For Nothing

Many times, when celebrities purchase homes, they purchase large homes. The scale of these homes are ridiculous compared to the standard size of a home. These folks are purchasing thousands and thousands of square feet, and for what? Essentially, they are purchasing a house with too much room for nothing.

Let us put this into a better perspective. Would it make sense for a family of 3 to purchase a home that is 15,000 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a pool? Anyone with rational would argue that this is pointless. The important question here is: Why purchase a home that does not fit the needs of your family? For someone to purchase a home of this magnitude with no legitimate use for it, it is simply a foolish decision. When one purchases a home, they should purchase it based on the needs of their family and not simply because they can afford it. It is bad business practice and it is a lot of money wasted for nothing. It is understandable if a celebrity is aiming to impress their guests but is impressing guests worth buying a multimillion dollar home for? The answer to this question is most likely not. It is far smarter to purchase a home based on needs, rather than non-material matters like impressing friends.

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