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White wonderland: Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pristine Hidden Hills home

White wonderland: Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pristine Hidden Hills home

Living it up like the Kardashians is not within everyone’s budget, however, applying a few touches to your interior space may just get you closer to living like the rich and famous than you think. The exterior features two swimming pools, fountains, a rose garden, vineyard as well as two spas. If that is a little outside your budget and the interior is more your concern, let’s have a look inside.


Wide open spaces and light paint applications

The interior of this home is bedecked in white, light greys and beige's. All the finishes on the walls are light, and finishes on the door frames and windows pure white. The incorporation of a few old grey touches and black finishes here and there break away from pristine white, without dominating the space. The floors are a light wooden finish, which does not distract from the finishes within the home at all. In fact, it tends to bring the look together. A dramatic dark wood floor would have worked well in this space as well, but presumable not the look the interior designer discussed with the client. A key feature that draws the eye upwards, is that the beams are left exposed. This creates a feel of space as well as brings in a bit of modern cottage or lake house feel. By covering this up, or painting it, the ambience would definitely change.


Well-chosen furniture

Nothing compliments or detracts from a space as much as good or ill chosen furniture. In a space dominated by white, white furniture may not be an obvious choice, however, if well-chosen it could add to the open airy feel of the home. Ensuring that the furniture is the right size for the room is quite possibly the single most important aspect of choosing the right furniture. Allowing the space to flow around the furniture will assist in achieving that open airy feel, without leaving the space feeling disjointed or void. Clever use of carpets to group the furniture together will assist in ensuring the designated spaces are created. Don’t be afraid of mixing up pieces that are within the same colour tone, or exact pieces in slightly different colour tones.


Clever use of accessories

The clever use of light fixtures in a place like this is not to be overlooked. Also keep an eye out for complementary ornaments as well as small statues, vases, bottles and displays. Try keeping within your color theme so as to add depth to the space instead of distracting from it. Mirrors are often overlooked, and by having it incorporated as loose standing, hanging or applied to the furniture a different dimension is added to your space. Perhaps the single most important aspect of pulling off a space like this: keep it clutter free. Having a lot of easily reachable storage units within the space will assist in this regard.

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